About Me

Hi, I’m Susan, someone who never thought about being an entrepreneur until life gave me an unexpected gift.

My husband and I were blessed late in life with our son Sam (he prefers Samuel) in April 2009. After a wonderful three months off on maternity leave, I reluctantly returned to my job as an IT Project Manager at a Fortune 500 company. It was just not the same.

I  didn’t want to be there anymore. I wanted to be at home, not stuck in a cube farm. I had grown tired of:

  • the commute
  • the glass ceiling
  • the politics
  • limited time with my family
  • working for someone else
  • the lack of freedom
  • and the limited income

One day I woke up and thought enough! I need to find something that I can do from home. That is when I started thinking to myself, why don’t I just start my own business.

Now realize, I had no idea how to be an entrepreneur. I had never even considered it. I had been part of Corporate America for over 20 years and I only knew how to be an employee.

So, I took to the internet to find a business that would fit my skill set and stumbled upon the Virtual Assistant Industry. Aha, the light bulb went out when I realized I had found what I was looking for! I began by reading everything I could find about The VA Industry, being an entrepreneur, marketing, running a business and more. (Good thing I love to read and learn!) My head was swimming.

Armed with this new information, I launched my VA business in August 2009, while still working full time with an infant at home. It was a lot of work and within 14 months I had enough clients and income to quit my job. (It would have been much quicker if I had a system or some sort of training).

There were a lot of hiccups along the way. There were months when I struggled and I was burned out. I did not have a mentor to show me what to do or how to do it. I learned as I went and made plenty of mistakes. Failure was not an option for me!

Within two years my business had grown to six figures and I had a small team to help support my clients. I had great clients and a great team! And… I had my FREEDOM!

Then, I started feeling restless. I noticed more and more VAs were seeking me out and asking my advice on how to get clients, how to get started or how did I learn all the techie stuff clients wanted. I have always loved helping and teaching others so, it was a perfect fit. I wanted to share what I had learned from building my own business. I had found my true calling and The Techie Mentor™ was born!

Now, I teach the systems & technical skills necessary to run & automate a successful online business. Stick around and learn my techie, process & business tips to grow your online business.

If you need to fill in the gaps of how to start your business, or get clients, or how to market your services then I’m your gal.

All of my training is based on the proven systems that I used to build two successful six figure businesses. I’m living proof that it works and I have trained hundreds of others using these same systems. It’s all based on experience… not something I bought or read in a book.

Prior to starting the Infusionsoft Basics Intensive course, I had only dabbled and fumbled my way around the program. I have learned so much from this course and would recommend this to any VA looking to develop an expertise and grow their VA business. Susan has done a great job incorporating, not only how to operate within the software, but also how to package the service for clients. I appreciate that she shares the wisdom she has gained with years of experience with this product and in the VA world. This has been a valuable experience and I am already looking forward to taking the advanced class! Thanks, Susan, for offering valuable, affordable educational opportunities!

Tyler Montoya

Owner, http://enhanceva.com/

The VA Kick Start System is awesome! If you’re spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to get a VA business started, then this program is for you! Susan takes you through step-by-step. I would have been lost with out it. Thanks Susan!!

Amber Albright

Owner, ASL Virtual Help