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When I first launched my virtual assistant business I already had a lot of WordPress knowledge and skill… but it was one thing to know how to use WordPress for myself but a whole new ball game when I wanted to begin to offer them as services for others.

This course single handedly gave me all the tools I needed to not only launch my business but to close up all those lose ends I was unsure about when it came to offering WordPress as a service.

Plus, even once the course was over, the community is still so strong to go back to for feedback, discussions and ongoing support.

I didn’t know it when I first signed up… but this course was a major stepping stone that began transforming my new virtual assistant business into a full WordPress design+development business.

I’ll be forever grateful for Susan’s support and knowledge!

Katie O'Brien

Owner, Katie O'Brien

I'm Susan Mershon

I'm Susan Mershon

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I teach the necessary technology & process skills to run & automate a successful online business, whether you’re a Virtual Assistant or a Solopreneur. Stick around and learn my technology, process & business tips to grow your online business.

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