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  4. VA Biz Launch Pad $149 now only $49 – save $100
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  6. List Building Academy $299 now only $199 – save $100

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Technology Bootcamps

Build WordPress Websites

Learn to build WordPress websites from the ground up, including all the bells & whistles.

WordPress is a skill all Virtual Assistants should know and offer as a service.


Because 99% of your clients & potential clients will have a WordPress website and they will need help managing it.

And… If they don’t have a website, then you can build one for them!

This 8-module self study training program is for anyone wanting to learn more about WordPress.


  • How to install WordPress
  • How to pick the right theme for your needs
  • How to work with plugins, widgets & sidebars
  • Design tips & tricks
  • What should and should not be on a website
  • What systems you need
  • Ideas for packaging your WordPress services
  • And more…

Purchase today for only $299 and save $100.

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Infusionsoft Essentials

Learn the essential features in Infusionsoft & how they integrate with key business systems.

Infusionsoft is a skill that is in high demand in the VA Industry.


Well… for starters it’s a comprehensive program with a tremendous amount of features that integrates with many different key business systems. Its nick name is Confusionsoft for a reason!

And… many business owners have it, but don’t know how to use it effectively and need help!

They need someone who understands more than just the tool, they need someone who understands how it integrates into their business.

Knowledge of key business systems sets you apart in the industry!

This 8-module self-study training program is for anyone wanting to learn the essential features of Infusionsoft and how it integrates with other key business systems.


  • The 3 key components of Infusionsoft
  • How Infusionsoft integrates with key business systems
  • What systems you need
  • How to create a tag strategy
  • To work in Campaign Builder
  • About Email Marketing
  • How to work with clients
  • And more…

Purchase today for only $299 and save $100.

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Master Mail Chimp

Learn how to master MailChimp in just 30 days.

If you’re a Virtual Assistant, then you know that being skilled in the technology that runs your client’s business is a MUST.

You are the expert in your client’s eyes.

MailChimp is a popular program that many online business owners use to automate their email marketing.

And… They are always looking for experts to help them.

Do you want to be a MailChimp expert?

Well, you can in only 30 days!

My 6-module self-study training program is for anyone wanting to learn all things MailChimp and understand how it integrates with other key business systems.


  • All the essential features of MailChimp
  • How it integrates with key business systems
  • To work with campaigns
  • How to segment your list
  • To work with automations
  • How to package your new MailChimp expertise
  • And more…

Purchase today for only $99 and save $100.

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Business Bootcamps

VA Biz Launch Pad

Launch your Virtual Assistant business in 30 days using strategic and proven methods designed for anyone wanting to start a VA biz.

What if you could plan and launch your VA business in just 30 days?

How would your life change?

Maybe, you could quit your soul sucking job and leave the cube farm behind.

Or… maybe you could start bringing in some extra income for your vacation or retirement fund.

Believe it or not… It is possible to launch you VA biz in just 30 days!


  • The business basics that will give you a SOLID foundation for future growth (even if you’re a beginner!).
  • How to figure out what services to offer and how much you need to charge.
  • The vital things you need to know BEFORE you start working with clients.
  • Proven strategies on thinking like an entrepreneur and not an employee.
  • Simple ways to change your mindset and determine your “why”.
  • Learn how to stay focused and moving forward despite your fears.
  • Ever feel completely confused or overwhelmed trying to find clients? Not anymore! I’ll include tips & how to’s on proven ways to find and keep clients.
  • Learn ways to market and sell yourself without feeling icky.
  • Understand how to get noticed and find your audience.
  • And more…

Purchase today for only $49 and save $100.

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Design Lucrative Packages

Get Paid For Your Expertise NOT Your Time!

Make your services tangible! Treat them like a product and watch your income soar.

Services are intangible–you can’t see them, touch them, take them out of the box or demonstrate them. Yet this is exactly what you need to do to make them easier for your clients to purchase.

This 5-module self study training program is for anyone who wants to ditch the timer and be paid for their expertise instead of their time.

Learn how to:

  • Increase your reach and your sales by packaging your expertise.
  • Get more time to enjoy life instead of spending it counting hours.
  • Discover how to create lucrative packages that your Target wants.
  • Quickly & easily create al a carte items that complement your packages.
  • Master promoting your packages and watch your income increase.
  • Learn how to move retainer clients to packages without losing them.
  • Design a solid packaging strategy that compliments your lifestyle.
  • Make your services easier to sell!

Purchase today for only $199 and save $100.

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List Building Academy

Learn how to create a list of raving fans and clients to end the cycle of feast or famine in your business.

Are you constantly looking for new clients?

Imagine what life would look like if you had an endless stream of clients.

Take that in for a minute… really imagine how your life would change.

Exciting, right?

Imagine having a passionate audience ready and waiting to work with you?

Believe it or not, you can.

This 5-module self-study training program is for anyone who wants to end the feast and famine cycle and make a steady income in their business.


  • The what & why of list building
  • How to design and create a Lead Magnet that your audience wants
  • What systems you need
  • How to create your own Lead Magnet Strategy
  • To set up a sales & marketing funnel for your business
  • How to promote your Lead Magnet
  • Proven strategies to get noticed
  • And more…

Purchase today for only $199 and save $100.

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