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4 Ways To Scale Your Virtual Assistant Business

4 Ways to scale your virtual assistant business to work less + earn more. Have you reached that point in your business where you're looking to do something new + different? There may come a time in your business when you've grown bored with the same routine day in and...

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Why You Need To Offer Audit Packages In Your VA Biz

Why you should be offering audit packages in your va biz. they're a great way to earn extra $$. Do you offer them? Audits are a great way to sell your expertise to help solve your client's or prospective client's problems. Have you ever had someone want to "pick your...

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The Fake It Until You Make It Strategy

Don't Use The Fake It Until You Make It Strategy Lately I've seen lots of posts and ads about "Fake it until you make it" and I have a serious problem with this so called strategy. So Friends, this is going to be a "soapbox" post - you've been warned  ;-). Not to...

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Build WordPress Websites

Most Popular DIY Course – Learn to build WordPress websites from the ground up with ZERO experience.

Mastering MailCHimp

Learn how to master Mail Chimp to offer it as a service in as little as 30 days.

Virtual Assistant Biz Launch Pad

Launch your Virtual Assistant business in as little as 30 days using strategic + proven methods.

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More selections of blogs + videos to help you grow + flourish.

Tips For Starting a Virtual Assistant Business While Employed

tips for starting your va biz while employed Many people start their Virtual Assistant business while working either full or part time. I know, I was one of them. I had a full time corporate career, plus an infant at home when I started my Virtual Assistant business...

What To Watch Out For When Starting a Virtual Assistant Business

What to watch out for if you’re starting a virtual assistant business. What I call Bad Advice! Seems like I’ve been on my soapbox a lot lately… and I guess I have because I’ve seen such a change in the VA Industry in the last year. I’ve seen so many pieces of what I...

Interviewing Potential Clients: Why You Need A System

Interviewing Potential Clients: Why You Need A System What’s your system for interviewing potential clients and then closing the deal? Do you have one? It’s SO important to have your systems in place BEFORE you start working with clients.  A system that includes...

Virtual Assistant Business Operations

Virtual Assistant Business Operations: The Day To Day Stuff What does Virtual Assistant Business Operations mean and why is it important? Well, this blog post is going to deep dive the key systems that run the day to day operations of a successful VA business. Welcome...

Virtual Assistant Systems

Virtual Assistant Systems: The Key Systems You Need. Do you know the key Virtual Assistant Systems you need for your business? Welcome to the third blog post in the Setting up a Virtual Assistant Business series. This blog post is all about Virtual Assistant Systems....

It started me on the VA path

I took Susan’s VA Kickstarter course back in 2016. It started me on the VA path which has now provided me with the flexibility, purpose and accomplishment I was seeking.

Susan’s PM experience really resonated with my background as an IT Business Analyst. Her approach is very natural, analytical, logical, process oriented, and clear – exactly how I like to work!

As a bonus, she always ensured that I was checking in with my WHY. I really appreciated this aspect of self-awareness that’s a part of her training. Loved your course Susan! I still hear your voice in my head: “It’s Your Choice”!

Pia Kar –

I have learned so much from this course

Prior to starting the Infusionsoft course, I had only dabbled and fumbled my way around the program. I have learned so much from this course and would recommend this to any VA looking to develop an expertise and grow their VA business. Susan has done a great job incorporating, not only how to operate within the software, but also how to package the service for clients. I appreciate that she shares the wisdom she has gained with years of experience with this product and in the VA world.

This has been a valuable experience and I am already looking forward to taking the advanced class! Thanks, Susan, for offering valuable, affordable educational opportunities!

Tyler Montoya –

I loved the sandboxes that accompany each course.

I loved the sandboxes that accompany each course. You have hands on practice so you can actually LEARN the courses as you are learning from Susan’s direction with the attached videos and handouts. Susan made learning Teamwork so easy. Seeing that Teamwork is the Project Management tool that I chose to use, this class for me came right on time. It would have taken me longer to figure it out by myself. The same goes for Lead Pages.

I love that you can join the school and take the courses that you need or want to learn for 30 days and if you have to cancel you can. But when you want to join again, like I have done, you can pick right back up from where you left off.

Deborah Northcutt –

ZERO fluff or HYPE

This part resonates a lot with me “to help you learn exactly what you need to know to build a thriving VA biz with ZERO fluff or HYPE”.

This is one of the reasons I enjoy your courses a lot: you are down to earth, like it simple and are honest. I’d never be able to take courses with someone that is in the hype-mode all the time…just get’s on my nerves and makes me uncomfortable.

Diana Furber –

Another well put together course

Another well put together course from Susan, I had a basic knowledge of WordPress before taking this bootcamp. I have come away with the confidence to take on bigger WordPress projects for my clients.

I completed my first big project alongside the last few classes and found this a great way to develop my skills. Thank you again Susan, I would highly recommend all your courses.

Sarah Banks –


You ROCK! In one year I’ve gone from not knowing the difference between a domain and a host to building websites that clients LOVE!

Thanks to Susan’s teachings and the community that she has built to provide added support. I would not have survived my first year without her. Thank you!!

Carolyn Witt –

The Top 10 Skills Clients are Looking for

Download my Free ebook to learn the top 10 skills that can earn you more money + make it easier to find clients.

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