Project Management Tips

If you’re a busy entrepreneur or one that is just starting out, it is so important to have systems and a plan in place for when you’re business takes off.  Here are 5 useful Tips on Project Management that every entrepreneur can benefit from.

1.  Organization – Let technology help you get and stay organized.  For example use:

    • EverNote to keep minutes from client meetings and store project documents
    • Word Templates to create client & edit documents such as contracts, business policies, client or prospect information forms.
    • Echo-sign to electronically deliver and sign contracts
    • DropBox for document storage that both you and your clients need access to

2.  Productivity – Need more time in your day?  Try these simple tips:

    • Use an online calendar such an iCal or Google.  You can easily synch calendars with your mobile devices so you can stay on top of your calendar when not in the office.
    • Create email folders to keep track of emails – don’t leave them in your Inbox.  Once they’re complete, move them to the appropriate folder.  This makes it easy for you to locate should you need it again.
    • Cut down on interruptions.  Turn off your phone, put Do Not Disturb on your door, close Skype & your email.  It is so easy to get distracted if you leave your email or Skype open.  Finish what you start!
    • Schedule time on your calendar to work on your own business and treat it like a business meeting!

3.  Task Management – Stay on top of your deliverables and:

    • Meet your deadlines
    • Know your availability to take on more work
    • Track time against tasks
    • There are several tools on the market that offer either a free version or a free trial period.  Take a look at TeamworkPM, Zoho, Myintervals or Attask to name a few.  Don’t be afraid to try out a few different ones until you find the one that works for you!

4.  Kickoff Meetings – When you start a new project or take on a new client it is imperative to:

    • Set expectations
    • Define roles and responsibilities
    • Discuss business policies and communication preferences
    • Set task priorities and deadlines

5.  Status Meetings – Weekly or bi-weekly meetings with your clients to:

    • Stay in contact
    • Stay accountable
    • Communicate

These 5 Project Management Tips help you get and stay organized and build a relationship with your clients.

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