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Hello and welcome. I’m Susan Mershon, aka The Techie Mentor™.

The Techie Mentor is all about giving you the confidence and skills to start and grow your own successful Virtual Assistant business. By combining my unique skills as a project manager, systems junkie and software trainer, you will learn the tools and techniques from somebody who has been in the VA Industry for over 9 years + built two successful six-figure Virtual Assistant based businesses. 

I’ve taught thousands of Virtual Assistants my unique system that teaches the skills clients are looking for + the systems you need to offer your knowledge as a service professional. This proven system will help you stand out as a professional, earn you more money and free up your precious time.

If you’re wondering why I left the cube farm, and what keeps me motivated every day please continue reading….

It’s all about you

I know that you dream of leaving your office job, working for someone else, to reclaim your precious time by having your own business. It’s easy to imagine working from home (or anywhere you like), spending only the hours you want to on work and having the freedom to devote time to your family, your self-care and your passions. If only you knew where to begin.

If you have ever tried to piece together all the things you find on the internet (YouTube + Google) into a working system that gets results, you know how frustrating, confusing and time-consuming it can be.

Here’s my story

As a corporate employee, I had loved my job. I enjoyed the work and the people I worked with … until I didn’t.

I had taken some time for the birth of my second son and when I came back ready to pick up where I left off, I was informed that I would be doing a different job. While I understand that the company has every right to assign work as they see fit, I was not happy.

I decided to start my own Virtual Assistant business so that I would have a say in what I did, when I did it and who I did it for. I wanted to create a lifestyle that I loved.

For me now, it’s all about giving back and helping others. My ultimate dream is to one day build a women’s center to teach single mothers business and technical skills to help them create a better life for their families. I was a single mother once and I know all to well the struggles they face and I want to do something to make a difference in their lives. Stay tuned for more details in 2019.

The Mershons

My crazy lovable family!

Uniquely qualified

In my career as a project manager and systems trainer, I honed the skills needed to succeed in that arena: knowledge, proven experience and personality. Those same skills are what makes The Techie Mentor™ the best choice for Virtual Assistant skills training.

My knowledge and experience have been acquired through years of working in and with the community, building my business and designing courses for thousands of successful students. I take great pride in the success of my students, watching them grow and collaborate to strengthen the Virtual Assistant community.

I’m a certified Project Manager through PMI, that’s what the PMP initials stand for Project Management Professional. And, I’m also a certified trainer for Teamwork, which is the tool I use to manage all my clients, projects, tasks + deadlines.

My why

When I first started my Virtual Assistant business, it was because I wanted more time for my son. I wanted to get him ready for school, be there when the bus dropped him off, and attend school functions. I had worked in corporate America for over twenty years and was not available for my family like I wanted to be.

I gathered what information I could find, and scraped together ideas and concepts from anywhere I could find them. I worked on my business during the evening and weekends, all while continuing to work at a full-time job and with an infant at home.

I often wondered, what could I have done better if I had a mentor? Could I have avoided the frustration of not knowing where to find answers and maybe avoided overwhelm and analysis paralysis? Could my experience as a software instructor help others learn in-demand skills?

Guess what?

What if I told you that you can have a successful Virtual Assistant business without going through all the trials and tribulations that I did? In fact, you can!

Whether you are just starting out, or part-way into your new career, I can help.

I’ve taken all my programs, systems & tools that I’ve taught to over 4,500 students and created a signature system to help you learn the exact skills + systems you need to know to build a successful Virtual Assistant business with zero fluff or hype; just the stuff that gets results.

It’s the exact system that I used to create and run my own 6-figure Virtual Assistant business. I still use it, because it works!

My Getting Started System for Virtual Assistants™ includes 3 modules, each with its own unique set of programs to help you design your Virtual Assistant business.

Now It’s Your Turn…

Do you want more?

My blog is designed to educate and share how to’s + information about being successful in your own VA business – The Techie Mentor Blog.

Check out the VA FAQ Page full of frequently asked questions  – VA FAQ’s.

Check out Techie Mentor TV for weekly how to videos all about being a Virtual Assistant – Techie Mentor TV.

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