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Hello and welcome. I’m Susan Mershon, aka The Techie Mentor™.

The Techie Mentor™ is all about giving you the confidence and skills to start and grow your own successful Virtual Assistant business. By combining my unique skills as a project manager, systems junkie and software trainer, you will learn the tools and techniques from somebody who has been in the VA Industry for over 10 years + built two successful six-figure Virtual Assistant based businesses.

I’ve taught thousands of Virtual Assistants my unique systems to help them get started, get clients and offer the in-demand skills clients are asking for all with ZERO fluff or hype. Only the stuff that gets actual results!

It’s all about you

If you’re dreaming of starting a business that gives you the freedom and flexibility you want – you’re in the right place.

It’s almost impossible to piece together the information you find online into a working system that gets ACTUAL results.

Stop wasting your precious time with the trial and error method and let me guide you along the quickest and most direct path to becoming a Virtual Assistant – the NO FLUFF path to success!

A little bit of my story

First… let me share that I never had a dream of being my own boss. I’d never even considered it until things shifted at my JOB.

You see… my husband and I were blessed with a late in life baby who was the catalyst for change in my life.

I had a full time corporate career as an IT Project Manager for a Fortune 500 company. My job was to manage + deliver software development projects on time + on budget (just like all PMs).

Before I left on maternity leave, I handed over a project that I’d been working on for at least a year to a colleague with the understanding I would get the project back when I returned.

Long story short, I didn’t get it back and I never could get an answer as to “why”.

That was when everything changed!

I wanted out of my soul-sucking JOB as soon as possible and needed a way to do so!

That’s how I found the Virtual Assistant Industry and started my VA Journey.

If you’d like to know more, you can read all the details of how I built my business while working full time with an infant at home here –

For me now, it’s all about giving back and helping others. My ultimate dream is to one day build a women’s center to teach single mothers business and technical skills to help them create a better life for their families. I was a single mother once and I know all to well the struggles they face, and I want to do something to make a difference in their lives. Stay tuned for more details in 2019.

The Mershons

My crazy lovable family!

It’s about results

I’ve been in the VA Industry for over 10 years – I’m not the new kid on the block.

The courses I teach as part of The Techie Mentor™ are based on years of experience and knowledge gained as a Virtual Assistant and from being part of the Virtual Assistant community.

I take great pride in the success of my students, watching them grow and collaborate to strengthen the Virtual Assistant community.

What I teach works… it gets results.

My why

My why is FREEDOM… in every sense of the word.

Freedom to be there for my family, to work when + where I want, doing what I’m passionate about, for clients that appreciate me.

If you’re a parent you know how difficult it can be to attend school functions or to be home when your kids are sick or on vacation.

I was always in fear of being fired or reprimanded when I had to take time off for my family.

So… freedom is what drove me to quit my soul-sucking job and start my VA Journey.

What’s yours?

Guess what?

You can do this too – just like I did.

What if I told you that you can have a successful Virtual Assistant business without going through all the trials and tribulations that I did? In fact, you can!

Whether you are just starting out, or an experienced Virtual Assistant, I can help you.

Feel free to reach out to me and let me know what you need help with.

Click here to contact me directly.

I’m here for ya!

Now It’s Your Turn…

Do you want more?

My blog is designed to educate and share how to’s + information about being successful in your own VA business all with ZERO fluff or hype – The Techie Mentor Blog.

Check out the VA FAQ Page full of frequently asked questions  – VA FAQ’s.

Check out Techie Mentor TV for weekly how to videos all about being a Virtual Assistant – Techie Mentor TV.

Listen to my Virtual Assistant Tips, Tricks + Advice Podcast available on Spotify, Google Play + Apple Podcasts. You can also listen via Podbean at 

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