It’s All About Empowering You

More reasons to join the Free VA Training

Your dream is a successful long-term business

More reasons to join the Free VA Training

You're looking for results – not fluff and hype

More reasons to join the Free VA Training

You're interested in being more than an admin

More reasons to join the Free VA Training

You're ready to put in the work and time it takes

Are the above points resonating with you? If so, your search ends here. Welcome to The Techie Mentor™, your go-to resource for navigating the journey to success as a Virtual Assistant, Freelancer, or Consultant. Led by Susan Mershon, a seasoned VA Strategist with over 14 years of experience, I understand the challenges of launching a business, especially for overthinkers and recovering perfectionists like myself.

Established in 2013, The Techie Mentor™ is dedicated to transforming the VA industry and supporting women seeking to break free from soul-sucking jobs. My VA Freedom Journey, a proven system developed over the years, prioritizes specialization, streamlined workflows, and business growth. Whether you’re just starting out or aiming to elevate your business, my no-nonsense, results-driven approach empowers VAs, Freelancers, and Consultants to attract, convert, and retain dream clients. Join me in creating a thriving, freedom-based business that allows you to live life on your own terms. Welcome to a community where your success is the priority!

“Susan Has An Innate Ability To Dive Right To The Heart Of Any Issue Or Concern”

A huge benefit of the mentoring sessions included in the Membership plan is that Susan has an innate ability to dive right to the heart of any issue or concern I have had about the setting up of my business. Whilst offering great advice or guidance she also values and encourages my own opinion. I have enormous respect for her method and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Jennifer Shaw

Jennifer Jay Design

A Few Fun Facts About Me

  • I had a baby at 45
  • I love animals – especially dogs and horses
  • My favorite place is anywhere outside
  • I love hiking, camping, and backpacking
  • I practice yoga and mediation every day
  • I’m straight to the point and tell it like it is
  • I’m a Digital Marketing + systems junkie
  • I always talk with my hands
  • I’m a less-is-more type
  • I’m a native Arizonan and a cowgirl
  • I lived in the desert my entire life
  • And I prefer the mountains to the beach

    I wrote about my VA Story, for those of you who want to know me even better. Enjoy!

    “My Business Will Continue To Grow As A Direct Result Of Working With Susan”

    I signed up for Susan’s group coaching program about a month after I decided I wanted to start a business in the Virtual Assistant industry. With Susan’s guidance, expertise, and accountability I was able to meet every single goal I established at the beginning of the program. I started the program with nothing and now have all the tools I need to run my business along with the knowledge of what services I’m offering and who I’m offering them to. I know my brand identity, I have my packages, I know how to market my services, and my back-end systems are in place. I even have some clients! Susan’s years of experience enabled me to get where I needed to go much faster than if I had to figure it all out on my own. She is a wealth of knowledge and such a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much, Susan!

    I’m also a foundation member of both the Getting Started Training and the Techie Training. One of the best benefits of being a member are the monthly calls with Susan. Susan has a no-fluff approach and it is absolutely incredible what can be accomplished in these calls. Susan is like a mentor to me – these monthly calls hold me accountable and keep me moving forward in my business. Susan is so supportive, as are the two communities, and with her encouragement and guidance, I’ve come so far. I know my business will continue to grow as a direct result of working with Susan!

    The Techie Mentor

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