Do You Still Have An Employee Mindset? If You Think Of Your Clients As Your Boss You Do!

Many of us that become entrepreneurs have to change our employee mindset. We leave our day jobs and have to “unlearn” what it means to be an employee. So, remember you are the boss; not the employee. The buck stops with you! You make the decisions, the decisions are not dictated to you!

It took me a full year to get rid of my employee mindset! One of my clients gave me a much-needed kick in the pants. She explained to me that I was not her employee and, therefore, did not need to share everything I did in my business. All that time I was thinking she was my boss, not my client – big mistake!

Making the transition from employee to entrepreneur is a life-changing experience! Don’t look to your clients for direction. You determine:

  • Who you work with.
  • What you do.
  • When you do it.
  • How you do it.
  • Where you do it.
  • And for how much?

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Take the time to embrace becoming your own boss. Please take a moment to leave me a comment and share your thoughts.

Thanks for reading – Susan

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Susan Mershon
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    This was true for me as well when I ventured into business for myself. I found myself still feeling like an employee and giving way too many status updates to clients as if they were my boss. I soon realized I had to “unlearn” my employee mindset and learn my new role as a business owner. I needed to view my clients as other business owners who looked to me for solutions for their business. To see this as a business partnership between my client and myself. As I helped them grow their business, I was essentially growing mine because they trusted me enough to hire me for services. Great post Susan!

  2. Deb

    Great reminder! I’ve struggled with this one after being an employee for 20 years. I appreciate your reminders that I am the boss now. The list of “You Determine:” is a much needed reminder and may end up on my desk! Thanks!

  3. Marianne costello

    Once again… exceptional content from Susan Mershon! Great reminder…

  4. Sue Harrawood

    Ahhh so true Susan! This is paramount as we coach newer VAs and our Exceptional Subcontractor students. Us veterans can get caught sometimes too. It’s important we keep this in front of our eyes at all times. We must remember that if our clients wanted an employee they would have hired one. :)

  5. Diana Ennen

    I love it! Great reminder. Even being in business for a while you can get caught up in that. Sometimes from the “aim to please,” and often times not at all the client’s fault. I love thinking like an entrepreneur! Thanks for the tips. Diana Ennen

    • Susan Mershon

      Amen Diana, me too!

  6. Valerie

    One thing also to remember is that people are hiring you to have solutions, not to just give you work and tell you how to do it. You must add value!
    Good topic.

    • Susan Mershon

      Great tip Valerie – thank you!

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