Virtual Assistant Coaching

If you’re ready to go to the next level in your business, together we can design & implement a blueprint to get you there.

90 Day Get Results – 1:1 Coaching Program Includes:

  • Two Half Day Private VIP Days to design or review your business systems including your Sales Funnel, create your marketing plan and or plan and implement a Team, Mentoring Program or Information Product (or anything you want to get results on)
  • 10 – 55-minute 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions with Susan (2 monthly)
  • Weekly accountability check-ins (1 per week)
  • Email support from Susan

The Techie Mentor 90-day Get Results Coaching Program is a thorough and rigorous program that will help you get unstuck and moving confidently towards your business and income goals.

The Virtual Assistance industry is a wide open and vibrant industry, but it could take you years to get where you need to go without a roadmap! Can you afford either financially or mentally to be stuck on the same path 6 months, 12 months from now?

Nothing happens until you decide where you want to go and the same is true of a business plan. You probably wouldn’t jump in your car to embark on a lengthy trip without the help and guidance of your trusted GPS.

The same should be true of your business plan. A GPS gets you to your destination without the stress of trying to figure it out on your own without getting lost and frustrated along the way. The same is true of a coaching/mentoring relationship.

By getting regular support and advice from someone who has been there – done that, you will be able to avoid common mistakes and get on the path to financial success quicker. Investing in support and guidance of a mentor is one of the best ways to achieve your success faster.

I support you in getting the clarity that moves you to the next level in your business, so you can get the clients you want, the income you desire & ultimately the life you dream!

Apply for my 90 day Get Results Coaching program today if you want a customized action plan to take you from Point A to Point B quickly.

Click here to apply for the 90 Day Get Results Coaching Program.

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