When you leave the employee world behind and start your own business, we are lacking the structure we are so used to having.

As an employee you are given structure by your employer.

Things like…

  • What time to come to work
  • What time to leave
  • When to take lunch
  • What you are working on
  • When you get a review & a raise
  • And so much more….

It is up to us as the business owner to add structure to our own business.

Now we don’t necessarily need to set specific work hours….but it would be nice for client’s to understand what hours and days you work.

In this week’s VLOG, I talk about the need for structure in our business and share tips & tricks on how to create it for ourselves.

Thanks for watching!

Do you have structure in your business? Please share what structure you have in place.

I’d love to hear what your comments and questions, please take a moment to leave them for me below.


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