Give Your Prospects + Clients A 1st Class Customer Experience + Set Yourself Apart From Others

Customer experience is the total experience clients have with you starting from their first initial impression all the way through to the delivery of your services. It’s important to point out that their “experience” with you starts long before they’re paying clients.

Remember, this is a relationship-based industry. People are building a relationship with you long before you’re even aware of them. Prospects and clients get impressions of you by:

  • Following you on social media.
  • Signing up for your lead magnet or newsletter.
  • Sign up for your free discovery session. A free 15-minute call where you interview each other.
  • The entire onboarding process once they become a paying client.
  • Final delivery of the service they purchased.
  • Even parting ways.

#1 – Share Your Brilliance

How are you showing up for yourself online? Are you sharing valuable content with your market or are you posting a sales pitch? Remember, this is where the customer experience starts a lot of times.

#2 – The Discovery Session

A potential client is interested in working with you and reaches out to you about the next steps. What does your process look like? Is it automated all the way through? For example:

  • Do you have a contact form on your website that they can fill out 24×7?
  • Is there an easy way for them to book an appointment with you?
  • Do you send them a reminder before the call?
  • What about a follow-up email after the call?

This is all part of your Discovery Session System. The whole process should be automated to make it easy for them to schedule a time with you.

#3 – The Onboarding Process

Let’s say you signed a new client during your Discovery Session. The next step is your onboarding process, which should be automated too. Once they’re onboarded and you start working together, what comes next?

#4 – The Delivery Process

Delivering what they purchased.

All of this is part of the customer experience and you want it all to be great for them because this is how you stand out from the masses. So many people throw their business together and forget about the systems that automate it and how it will play into the overall experience for their clients.

If you want to work with professionals and charge premium rates it’s crucial to have all your systems in place BEFORE you start working with clients. The last thing you want to do is sign a client and then run around filling in the blanks because you don’t have an agreement or a way to get paid. Trust me, clients see this and it’s not a great way to start a relationship.

Focus on setting up your key business systems before you open your virtual doors. Have a look at my Ultimate VA Success Guide: How To Start A VA Business if you need help with it. Then focus on the entire client experience. If you have happy clients they’ll refer you to friends, colleagues, and even their own clients. That’s a great way to create a sustainable business.

Thanks for listening and reading – Susan

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Susan Mershon
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My Most Popular VA Resources

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