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Hi, I’m Susan Mershon – The Techie Mentor.

I created my Free Virtual Assistant Training because there is SO much information out there about being a Virtual Assistant. Some good and some NOT. And I know how overwhelming trying to figure out the basics of getting started, getting clients, and earning money as a Virtual Assistant can be.

The membership is subject to the Free VA Training Vault Membership Agreement.

I was overwhelmed with all you could find online about becoming a VA. I took the free training vault course with Susan, and it opened my eyes to what I can accomplish by trusting myself, investing in good training and of course, lots of hard work. I learned a lot from Susan, and especially how to get clients. Thank you, Susan.

~ Helene C.

“Thanks so much for free access to your course. It was a real eye-opener, and it has already shaped how I am preparing to open my business by getting all my ducks in a row for September, when hopefully I go live. Like you, I am a systems freak, so this training has ticked so many boxes for me. Can’t believe you give this free! I’m going to be getting the blueprint next and techie u soon. Thanks for everything, Susan, you’re an inspiration!”

~ Lina L.

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There’s just too much information about becoming a VA.

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*The membership is subject to the Free VA Training Vault Membership Agreement.


Excellent training for initiation as a virtual assistant. In addition to providing free resources for beginners, it teaches you how to start a virtual assistant business in an explanatory way”.

~ Jailene M.

“Hi Susan, this is a very helpful video. Your passion shines through! Looking forward to watching the rest of these videos.​”

~ Sian  G.

“I’m in the beginning stages of setting up my VA business. I joined Susan’s Facebook group and found out about her Free VA Training Vault. I’m about 80% through the training videos and it’s an amazing resource! I’ve learned so much from her. Susan has a no-nonsense approach which I really like. She gets right to the point and each video is chock full of really useful information. After I finish the free Virtual Assistant training, my plan is to read all her blog posts and subscribe to her YouTube Channel. I highly recommend these training videos for anyone interested in learning more about the VA business. Thank you, Susan!

~ Robyn W.


The Free Virtual Assistant Training Vault

Free Training Vault

30 days of free in-depth video training for anybody just starting or considering joining the VA Industry.

Some Of The Training Topics

Videos on Getting Started in the Free VA Training Vault

Things You Need When Starting + Getting Started

Access training about the systems you need at the beginning, major stumbling blocks, and more.

Videos on Getting Started in the Free VA Training Vault

Knowing Your Business Numbers

In this video, I go over the critical numbers you need to monitor in your VA business.

Videos on Getting Started in the Free VA Training Vault

Setting Your Rates + Packaging Your Services

Learn why you need to know your baseline rate + how and why to offer service packages.

Videos on Getting Started in the Free VA Training Vault

Must-Have Tools

I walk you through which tools you need for your Virtual Assistant business.

Videos on Getting Started in the Free VA Training Vault

Branding + Marketing

Understand the branding basics, the difference between marketing + sales, marketing your biz, and more.

Videos on Getting Started in the Free VA Training Vault

Getting Clients

This is a common issue for many, and I share different ways to help you find the right clients.

Videos on Getting Started in the Free VA Training Vault

Services You Can Offer

I look at what services you can offer while starting, what skills are in demand, and much more.

Videos on Getting Started in the Free VA Training Vault

Time Management

Time management is necessary when juggling multiple clients and keeping up with deadlines.

Videos on Getting Started in the Free VA Training Vault

And Much More...

Join us today and see how many other essential topics my Free Virtual Assistant Training covers.

“Hey Susan, thank you for offering some form of structure and information for those of us out here that do not have a lot of expendable cash at the moment. This gives me a very good look at what being in the VA field is like and I’m finding this is exactly what I’ve been looking for – I feel like I can trust you, that you’re leveling with me, and not putting up so many walls that create a barrier to entry. I’m currently saving up to choose what course/coach I want to go with and I’ve got to say that you’ve definitely been the only one I’m considering thus far.”

~ Roan C.

“Thank you, I have been researching becoming a virtual assistant for a couple of years, Yes YEARS, getting lost in so much conflicting information and jumping from Guru to Guru, as a result, I have become completely overwhelmed, and have got nowhere. I love your no-nonsense; tell-it-how-it-is approach. I know I can do this but needed someone that would lay out what I need to do to get started and be successful. I am going to clear out my email subscriptions, unfollow a lot of VA fluff from my Instagram and Facebook feed and concentrate on creating a solid foundation for a successful business.​”

~ Fiona

More Reasons Why You Should Join

More reasons to join the Free VA Training

7+ Hours Of Training

This is actual how-to video training. NOT a bunch of empty fluff and filler.

More reasons to join the Free VA Training

A Community Of 10,000+ VAs

More than 10,000 students have gone through the Free Virtual Assistant Training Vault!

More reasons to join the Free VA Training

Not Your Typical Free VA Training

This is the same training that some charge hundreds of dollars for – all here for free.

More reasons to join the Free VA Training

Valuable Feedback + Q&A

You can ask questions and get real answers directly from me.

More reasons to join the Free VA Training

No Fluff + No Hype

Just the stuff that gets results and helps you understand what it takes to be successful.

More reasons to join the Free VA Training

A VA Mentor With Experience

I’ve been in the VA Industry for 10+ years and built two successful VA-based businesses.

“Hi Susan, first I would like to thank you for all this content that you are giving us because it’s amazing! I have been watching videos, asking questions, attending free webinars and you are the best I have found!! Thank you!”

~ Abigail

“I’ve really enjoyed watching your videos and reading your blogs. I find them to be much more helpful than anything else I’ve come across regarding virtual assistance as a true organized career. I’m anxious to go through everything you have available and to hopefully muster up the courage to actually start my business. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences. I look forward to learning a lot from you!”

~ Sylvia

“I just wanted to say thank you for this vault! I love it! I have shared it with some people interested in VA but can’t afford the programs. Thank you for putting this together! Thanks again for this wonderful material!

~ Shanna

Frequently Asked Questions

How many videos are in the training?

Currently, there are 15 videos in the Free Virtual Assistant Training Vault. These videos range in time from 20 minutes up to 65 minutes. That’s over 7 hours of how-to-video training for free.

How long do I get access to the training?

You get access to the free training for 30 days. I’ve created a quick start guide to help you get the most out of the training so you can hit the ground running as soon as you sign up.

How is this different than your Business Launch Blueprint?

The Business Launch Blueprint (formerly The VA Action Plan) is a do-it-yourself to-do workbook that includes tasks and documents for setting up your systems and processes when starting and launching a VA business. Unfortunately, the Free VA Training Vault does not have any of that.

Can I download videos?

No. But you can log in anytime and watch them on any device. They are available 24×7.

Is the training any good?

Yes. But I invite you to judge for yourself. Sign up and try it out for yourself. What do you have to lose? It’s all free! This is the same training that people are charging hundreds of dollars for!

Is closed captioning provided in your free videos?

Yes! Each lesson comes equipped with closed captions that you can easily toggle on or off according to your preferences.

Try my Free VA Training* and see for yourself!

*The membership is subject to the Free VA Training Vault Membership Agreement.

I would like to thank you for the free VA Training Vault. The information you have in there is great. Thank you for your support and assistance.”

~ Vanessa

“Thank you for the follow-up, Susan. Yes, I watched a lot of your videos, they are insanely helpful as the VA industry sounds amazing and yet very overwhelming. You have given me a lot of clarity as to what a virtual assistant is and the tools to use to provide services. Another important thing you brought up is doing something that you’re passionate about. I was trying to break in doing the same thing I do now and hate. I am going in as a coach for fitness, which has been my happiness and passion all my life. Planning on using the tips and tricks to build an online coaching business. First focusing on me and learning the tools. I look forward to watching more videos to educate myself about the industry. Thank you for all that you do.”

~ Jenn

I am following the training and I think it’s very very helpful and full of resources! I’m going to attend my 3rd lesson right now!

~ Cristina

A Little Bit More About Me

Hi, I’m Susan Mershon, your Virtual Assistant Strategist and the driving force behind The Techie Mentor™. If you’re looking to build a freedom based business and resonate with my story as an overthinker, recovering perfectionist with a touch of ADD, you’re in the right place.

I founded The Techie Mentor™ in 2013, driven by a passion to transform the VA industry and support women seeking to create businesses that offer true freedom and flexibility with tech at the core.

With over 14 years in the industry as a “techie,” I understand how technology can be at the core of your business, giving you the freedom to work when and where you want. Let’s build a thriving, freedom-based business together—one that fits your unique vision and lifestyle. It’s time to put your success first and embrace the freedom you’ve been dreaming of!

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