How Much Do Virtual Assistants Make? $5K Within The 1st Month – Don’t Let Them Fool You!

‘How much do Virtual Assistants make’ is a frequent online search and question raised in Social Media. Because of it, you see many misleading ads and posts, such as “Start your own Virtual Assistant business today and earn $5k in your first month!” Well, doesn’t that sound awesome?

Truth be told, it’s more the exception than the rule. 99% of people who start their own business don’t make that kind of money in their first month. Or… if they do, it’s not sustainable.

Why? Because the focus is on getting clients and earning money and not on building a profitable and sustainable business. There is a HUGE difference.

What Do The Show ‘Bar Rescue’ + ‘How Much Do Virtual Assistants Make’ Have In Common?

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Bar Rescue (yes I’m a fan), you’ll see there is a running theme in all the “rescues”. There is a LACK of solid systems in the business. They either have NONE or the ones they have don’t work. So they need rescuing. By the end of the rescue, Jon has implemented solid systems to help the business make money and continue to grow. Without solid systems, any business will eventually need rescuing.

So my question to you is are you starting your Virtual Assistant business to make some side money or to replace your soul-sucking job? If you’re looking to build a long-term profitable and sustainable business to be your livelihood then make time to focus on building a solid foundation by implementing solid systems and processes. Otherwise, you may need rescuing in the future and there is no Virtual Assistant Rescue.

Please also read my blog post, The 12 Virtual Assistant Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs – Especially If You’re A New VA! if you want to know more about some of the most common errors a lot of new Virtual Assistants make.

Thanks for reading and/or listening – Susan

PS: Ready to embark on the journey of building a freedom-based business? Join me in Techie Biz in a Box, your comprehensive guide to leveraging systems, automation, and tech. Discover how to streamline your processes and reclaim precious time for the things you love. 

Susan Mershon
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