Launching Strong: Marketing Strategies For VA + Freelance Businesses

Wondering how to secure those first clients now that you’re ‘Open for Business’? Let’s discuss valuable insights on what to do when you’re ready for clients, whether it’s your first or next, along with common mistakes to avoid. So many VAs and freelancers dive straight into the sales piece and forget this is a relationship-based business – not a good way to start a new relationship.

1. Understanding the Difference Between Marketing and Sales

Marketing is about creating awareness, letting the world know you exist, and showcasing how you can help. It’s different from sales. As service providers in a relationship-based business, starting on the right foot is crucial to avoiding direct sales pitches.

2. Embracing Digital Marketing

To stand out, create a lead magnet funnel – a free resource for sharing your brilliance. It could be a checklist, a series of emails, audios, videos, or an ebook related to your services. Please keep it simple and use tools like ConvertKit or website landing pages to build it.

3. Follow-up Sequence for Building Trust

After downloading the lead magnet, set up a follow-up sequence or autoresponder through email marketing. This helps establish the know, like, and trust factor, which is crucial in a service-oriented business.

4. Strategic Social Media Sharing

Share your lead magnet on social media platforms, avoiding direct sales pitches. Share where your niche hangs out, offering help and answering questions to show them you care.

5. Automating the Call Process

Simplify the scheduling process by automating it. Tools like Calendly or Acuity can help clients easily book a time on your calendar, streamlining communication.

6. Launching with Impact

Consider a launch special to attract your initial clients. Offer a discounted rate or an additional perk for signing up quickly. This strategy creates urgency and incentives for potential clients.

Closing Thoughts on Marketing

Marketing is often overlooked in favor of direct sales, but building relationships is critical. Repeat your marketing efforts consistently. Remember, don’t sell – help, share, and answer questions. Lead with your lead magnet to create a positive and lasting impression.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear about your lead magnet funnel experiences, so feel free to share in the comments below. As always, thanks for being here!

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Susan Mershon
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