Lead Generation Done Right: They Should Be Looking For What You’re Selling In Your Business

Lead generation – simply put – is a way to get new prospects for your Virtual Assistant business. It’s important to understand that it’s not about numbers but about building a high-quality list of leads that ideally will convert to long-term clients.

Why Every Business Needs Lead Generation

To get new eyes on your business (new eyes = potential clients), everybody should be doing some type of lead generation. The easiest way to do it is by building a simple lead magnet funnel. A lead magnet funnel captures leads so you can build a relationship with them via email.

The most important thing is to find leads that are interested in what you’re selling. For instance, if you’re selling WordPress services, you really don’t want leads who are interested in copywriting. That’s not going to do you much good since you don’t sell copywriting services.

Don’t Buy A List Of Leads

Now, what you will see on social media is people saying they’re lead generation experts. That’s fine and dandy, but the big question is how they get those leads for their clients. You can buy “lists,” but it’s really a waste of your money because most of those leads are not necessarily interested in what you’re selling.

It’s not a number gain. It’s not, “Ooh, I’ve got a thousand new leads.” If one person in that thousand lead list buys something from you, it’s not a good ROI (return on investment) versus if you get 10 new leads and every one of those new leads wants to buy a WordPress website from you.

Remember, cold pitching doesn’t work. This is a relationship-based industry. You want to make sure you understand where your leads are coming from and the most valuable leads should be ones that want what you sell. If you want long-term high-paying clients, you have to build a relationship where they know, like, and trust you.

If you want valuable, high-paying clients, build connections on LinkedIn where they know, like, and trust you. Trust me; it worked wonders for my business, and it can for yours too!

Create A Lead Magnet Funnel

Build a list of high-quality leads by creating your own lead magnet funnel. This is how you build your email list. Create simple content that shows people you know what you’re talking about. Focused on solving one problem using your expertise (what you’re selling).

Choose one problem, and then write up the solution in a blog post, do a workflow in Canva, or do a podcast or a YouTube video that walks them through the steps. Then share it online so they come to your website and grab your lead magnet. Invest the time and energy in creating valuable content that focuses on what you sell and then sharing it with your target market.

Part of your Virtual Assistant marketing plan needs to include lead generation. Even if it’s just once a month. Start by implementing a simple lead magnet funnel and then share it everywhere your target audience is and watch your leads grow.

The beauty of having a list of quality leads is when you have a space in your business for a new client, you have a list that’s waiting to work with you. You can go directly to them and say, for example, “I have a spot in my calendar now for a new WordPress website or some copywriting or whatever it might be.

How are you getting quality leads? Feel free to post below and let me know. I’d love to hear from you. All comments and questions are welcome.

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Thanks for reading and listening – Susan

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