Tech Mastery Unleashed: Learn Digital Marketing By Doing

What do you think of when someone says “offering digital marketing”? Let’s break down a common misconception about  digital marketing. First things first – if you’re considering offering digital marketing services like funnels, websites, or email marketing, you don’t need to be a marketing guru. Trust me; I certainly wasn’t. My background wasn’t in marketing; it was IT and Project Management. I stumbled into the world of digital marketing by offering the technology that powers it.

To be crystal clear, when I talk about digital marketing services, I’m not referring to marketing itself but rather the technology driving digital marketing strategies. In the current landscape, online businesses market themselves digitally, a stark departure from traditional methods like TV and radio ads. So, I’m all about the tech-centric perspective when I advocate for digital marketing services.

Here’s the thing – once you grasp the tools and understand how they function in digital marketing, you inadvertently learn the ins and outs of digital marketing itself.

Take my journey, for instance; I started with email marketing, which made sense to me. As I introduced more tech tools, my knowledge expanded. The key revelation? To thrive in business long-term, you must embrace digital marketing, which means understanding the technology backing it up.

Implement It! The best way to comprehend digital marketing is to implement it in your business. That’s why I emphasize the importance of having a website and a lead magnet funnel – core elements of the core tech stack.

A website is the door to your business; from there, you can build a simple lead magnet funnel. This kind of funnel involves giving something away for free to build your email list – a crucial aspect since email marketing boasts a significantly higher ROI than social media marketing.

Let’s Be Clear!

My primary focus is on the tech side of things when discussing digital marketing services. For virtual assistants, freelancers, and consultants, integrating it into your business is the best way to embrace and learn about it.

Start with a one-page WordPress website or a similar platform, and then venture into creating a straightforward lead magnet funnel. You can utilize free tools like ConvertKit or AWeber to set up a basic lead magnet funnel.

I want to dispel the notion that you must be a skilled marketer to delve into digital marketing. It’s not necessary. What is essential, especially with the growing impact of AI on repetitive tasks, is to embrace technology.

My Advice For You? Start with yourself.

Learn how to create a simple one-page website and a simple lead magnet funnel. These elements – who you are, what you do, who you help, and how to contact you, along with a space for a free lead magnet – form the core tech stack of any online business.

It’s an excellent starting point for exploring and understanding the fascinating world of digital marketing, especially from a tech-centric perspective.

If you’re intrigued and want to dive deeper into tech stacks, check out my offers. Remember, understanding digital marketing becomes second nature once you learn the tools. So, embrace the tech, dive into digital marketing, and let the tools guide you. Here’s to simplifying the tech maze and unlocking the power of digital marketing!

Thanks for reading and listening.

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