The Must-Have Skills To Become A Highly Sought-After Professional Virtual Assistant

In this post, we’re going to explore what it means to be a professional Virtual Assistant. I will point out which skills influence the perception of you and why they help you stand out in your niche. This is the third part of my series that focuses on the skills you need to be a successful VA.

Your Reputation Is Your Brand

This is my take on what it means to be a Professional Virtual Assistant and why it’s important. Especially now that online business is growing faster than ever which means so is the VA Industry. Your reputation is your brand in a sense and it’s important that you are customer-service focused and have your business systems in place before taking on clients – especially if you’re working with clients that have been burned before.

What do I mean by “customer-service focused”? I mean focus on delivering quality services and if you screw up, own it and then do what it takes to make it right. Don’t disappear. I’ve heard too many stories lately of Virtual Assistants that promise one thing and deliver something else or nothing at all. Then they all off the face of the earth. This gives the whole industry a black eye and creates distrust for all of us.

Reasons To Be A Professional Virtual Assistant

To me, each of these reasons is important because I prefer to work with professionals and want to be viewed as a professional myself. What about you?

  • Professionals earn more than hobbyists (someone who is a VA part-time or on the side).
  • Professionals want to work with Professionals.
  • Professionals deliver quality services.

There is nothing wrong with having a VA business as a side hustle – I think it’s awesome if that’s your dream/vision. You have to ask yourself what your vision is – what does your dream business look like? Only you can answer that – and there is NO wrong answer. Remember my motto – your business – your choice. Do what feels right for you!

What You Need To Be A Professional Virtual Assistant

  • First, have the desire.
  • Second, have what I would call “professional skills”.
  • And third, rinse and repeat systems.

My Definition Of Professional Skills

These “skills” are really a combination of traits and best practices. Things like:

  • Don’t take on clients before you’re ready.
  • All your business systems are set up and ready to go.
  • You’re proactive.
  • You’re honest and ethical.
  • You want to help your clients succeed.
  • You only take on the “right” clients for you.
  • You keep it professional.
  • You collaborate and partner with your clients.

Having these traits or best practices doesn’t mean you’ll be successful. But it does show your clients that you’re invested and willing to take action to help them be successful.

    A Rinse And Repeat Systems

    A business is made up of a series of systems. No systems equals no business (at least not for long). You want to be sure you’ve implemented your key business systems as soon as possible. These systems are the foundation of a successful business. If you need help setting up, implementing, and automating your systems, please have a look at my Techie Biz in a Box.

    Do you have your key systems implemented? Let me know in the comments.

    Thanks for reading – Susan

    PS: Ready to embark on the journey of building a freedom-based business? Join me in Techie Biz in a Box, your comprehensive guide to leveraging systems, automation, and tech. Discover how to streamline your processes and reclaim precious time for the things you love. 

    Susan Mershon
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