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This part resonates a lot with me “to help you learn exactly what you need to know to build a thriving VA biz with ZERO fluff or HYPE”. This is one of the reasons I enjoy your courses a lot: you are down to earth, like it simple and are honest. I’d never be able to take courses with someone that is in the hype-mode all the time…just get’s on my nerves and makes me uncomfortable.

Diana Furber

Aspiring VA

I have never been happier to leave a testimonial in my life. As someone who has gone through multiple trainings and workshopsand been marketed to by hard-sell con artists who promise the world and deliver nothing, I can tell you that Susan is the opposite of ALL of that. Her trainings are SO chock-full of EVERYTHING you could ask for! And what makes it just really cook is (1) her incredible integrity, and (2) her constant presence and willingness to answer questions and be a true support to all of us. She’s the best, and truly remarkable. I am learning Infusionsoft and WordPress because of her, and at a price that I can afford!

Lori Kirstein

The Project Cheetah

This program is awesome! If you’re spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to get a VA business started, then this program is for you! Susan takes you through step-by-step. I would have been lost with out it. Thanks Susan!!

Amber Albright

ASL Virtual Help

Without knowing what to expect, I signed up for Susan’s program with the hopes of moving my business forward. Susan exceeded all of my expectations with her technical expertise, business smarts, humor, encouragement, and amazing shared resources!

When I started the program, I had one client and now I can happily say that I have 7 more (with prospects in the pipeline). Her program and support have given me the confidence to tackle all aspects of my business from leading client calls to juggling priorities to marketing my business. Very much look forward to learning more from Susan!

Leslie Rivera

Artful Business Manager

Susan Mershon – Techie – Detailed – Patient – Thorough – Experienced – Clever – Understanding
Susan’s “been there-done that” experience provides a great foundation for her to base her content. As trainees and students to her program, she can understand where we are but also has flourished and knows the potential of where we can go.
I highly recommend Susan Mershon’s training courses. Although this was my first class that I signed up for, I am already 3 weeks into another of her courses. Your expectations will be met! The best part is when you are finished with the course, the training materials are yours to keep to review whenever you feel the need.

Debbie Weyers

Data After Hours

I’m a few months in to my Marketing VA business and this bootcamp came at the perfect time because it’s a complementary service to the marketing services I offer! While working through this bootcamp I built my website and became more confident in my WordPress skills and began selling my services while networking. The bootcamp just finished this week and I have three new clients needing WordPress websites!
Part of this bootcamp will help you put together your packages to sell your services. That was so helpful for me because it makes it easier to sell and customers to understand. I downloaded all of the materials and webinars to refer back to. Susan’s style of teaching makes things really easy to understand and it’s very practical, which I like. The bootcamp is affordable and pays for itself and more after one sale! I’m looking forward to my next bootcamp with The Techie Mentor!

Amy Klous

The Amylia Group

I’ve always considered myself a life-long learner, especially when it comes to my business. When I came across a twitter posting about kick-starting your VA business I was instantly intrigued. The timing couldn’t have been better, as I was in the process of revamping my services. As I started Module 1, Susan instantly impressed me with her attention to detail, insider facts and tips, all with sharing her personal experiences and being open to sharing her talent with us is just another value-added bonus. As I progressed through all the modules there wasn’t a time that I wasn’t having an “ah-ha” moment. Susan really helped me stretch my vision of what I can offer in my business and helped me tweak my processes along the way in doing business. I have recommend many already through other social media outlets to check out Susan’s program and I will continue to do so as I feel that this is a hidden gem in the VA world. Thank you Susan for being my personal mentor.

Aileen Gilpin

AGilpin Consultants

I took Susan’s Kickstarter course back in 2016. It started me on the VA path which has now provided me with the flexibility, purpose and accomplishment I was seeking.

Susan’s PM experience really resonated with my background as an IT Business Analyst. Her approach is very natural, analytical, logical, process oriented, and clear – exactly how I like to work! As a bonus, she always ensured that I was checking in with my WHY. I really appreciated this aspect of self-awareness that’s a part of her training.

Loved your course Susan! I still hear your voice in my head: “It’s Your Choice”!

Pia Kar

Prior to starting the Infusionsoft course, I had only dabbled and fumbled my way around the program. I have learned so much from this course and would recommend this to any VA looking to develop an expertise and grow their VA business. Susan has done a great job incorporating, not only how to operate within the software, but also how to package the service for clients. I appreciate that she shares the wisdom she has gained with years of experience with this product and in the VA world. This has been a valuable experience and I am already looking forward to taking the advanced class! Thanks, Susan, for offering valuable, affordable educational opportunities!

Tyler Montoya

Enhance Virtual Assistance

I loved the sandboxes that accompany each course. You have hands on practice so you can actually LEARN the courses as you are learning from Susan’s direction with the attached videos and handouts. Susan made learning Teamwork so easy. Seeing that Teamwork is the Project Management tool that I chose to use, this class for me came right on time. It would have taken me longer to figure it out by myself. The same goes for Lead Pages. I love that you can join the school and take the courses that you need or want to learn for 30 days and if you have to cancel you can. But when you want to join again, like I have done, you can pick right back up from where you left off.

Deborah Northcutt

Free You UpVA

When I first launched my virtual assistant business I already had a lot of WordPress knowledge and skill… but it was one thing to know how to use WordPress for myself but a whole new ball game when I wanted to begin to offer them as services for others. 

This course single handedly gave me all the tools I needed to not only launch my business but to close up all those lose ends I was unsure about when it came to offering WordPress as a service. Plus, even once the course was over, the community is still so strong to go back to for feedback, discussions and ongoing support.

I didn’t know it when I first signed up… but this course was a major stepping stone that began transforming my new virtual assistant business into a full WordPress design+development business.  I’ll be forever grateful for Susan’s support and knowledge! Katie O'Brien

Katie O'Brien, Web Designer

I took Techie Mentor’s WordPress Course actually accidentally thinking it was for learning WordPress. Even though I was a beginner, Susan’s class was very clear and I was able to follow everything she taught. I ended up not only learning some basics I needed to know for WordPress, but also how to apply the information as I progress to include website development in my skills.
I would strongly recommend Susan’s classes. She is careful to make things understandable and she is very responsive to any questions.

Laurie Bird

Check It Done LLC

You ROCK! In one year I’ve gone from not knowing the difference between a domain and a host to building websites that clients LOVE! Thanks to Susan’s teachings and the community that she has built to provide added support. I would not have survived my first year without her. Thank you!!

Carolyn Witt

UR Secret Weapon

Another well put together course from Susan, I had a basic knowledge of WordPress before taking this bootcamp. I have come away with the confidence to take on bigger WordPress projects for my clients.

I completed my first big project alongside the last few classes and found this a great way to develop my skills. Thank you again Susan, I would highly recommend all your courses.

Sarah Banks

Banks Business Solutions

Susan gave direct and to the point coaching on how to work through my current business and mindset struggles. No general “search your heart” advice, but step by step activities that I could use to clarify my own thoughts and goals. Her willingness to share what she has learned on her journey was a great encouragement and learning opportunity for me. I’m happy that I have had the chance to work with Susan while growing my business!

Meredith Jones

Meredith J

Having done the WordPress and Infusionsoft courses, I love Susan’s style of providing guidance in a simplistic but not patronising manner.. I’m learning by listening but also by using the sandboxes to practice what’s being preached! Thank you Susan

Jacky Hodges

Jacky Hodges

Susan has been a catalyst for building my business with training resources that save me time, money, and mistakes. She is extremely organized, laying everything out so I can make informed decisions about my business and the services I want to offer. I feel women sometimes hesitate to invest in themselves (guilty!); Susan makes it easy, providing payment options to get the training I need when I need it and training modules developed in a way that I can manage and implement when I am available and ready. I am grateful for her generosity of resources and her positive and down-to-business attitude.

Techie Mentor is my go-to place when I am ready to take my business and skills to the next level. Thanks Susan!

Kimberly Cline

Kimberly Cline

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