Have you heard all the buzz around sales funnels lately?

They’re all the rage.


Because they work.

What is a sales funnel?

Well… it’s a system that automates both marketing and sales.

Automation = Freedom

A sales funnel combines strategy + technology to get in front of your audience, share your expertise and get clients on autopilot.

There are people looking for exactly what you offer every minute of every day.

Whether it’s through a Google search or perusing Facebook or LinkedIn Groups.

Your clients are looking for you.

And, you need to make it easy for them to find you 24x7.

What are you doing today to make it easy for your potential clients to:

  1. Find you
  2. Learn more about who you are and what you offer
  3. Share your expertise with them

This is what a sales funnel can do for you on autopilot.

But first, you need to create some great content to share with them.

Remember, all of your content should be focused on how you solve your client’s problems using your expertise.

Share your expertise by:

  • Writing a blog
  • Creating videos and sharing them on YouTube.
  • Doing Facebook Live sessions from your Facebook Page.
  • Running paid ads

Getting their attention is the first step or stage in your sales funnel.

The next step is to get them on the phone with you for a free “Discovery Session”.

It’s a free 15 minute call to find out more about them and if they’re your ideal client.

If they are, great.

Now you need to close the deal.

If they’re not, then you can move on to the next person.

The most important part of your funnel is to make your audience aware of you and your services.

Then it’s getting them on the phone and closing the sale.

So… what can you do today to create great content that will get your potential client’s attention?

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