Skills To Be A Professional Virtual Assistant

It’s More Than You Think!

If you want to be a Professional Virtual Assistant… read on!

Welcome to part three of this three part series of blog posts focusing on the skills you need to be successful as a Virtual Assistant.

If you haven’t read the second post all about Hard Skills you can read it here.

In this blog post I’m going to focus on the skills you need to be a Professional Virtual Assistant.

To become a Service Professional and stand out in your niche.

Why is this important?

Well… to me for a few reasons.

  1. Professionals earn more than hobbyists (someone who is a VA part time or on the side).
  2. Professionals want to work with Professionals.
  3. Professionals deliver quality services.

To me, each of these reasons are important because I prefer to work with professionals and want to be viewed as a professional myself.

What about you?

There is nothing wrong with having a VA business as a side hustle – I think it’s awesome if that’s your dream/vision.

You have to ask yourself what is your vision – what does your dream business look like.

Only you can answer that – and there is NO wrong answer.

Remember my motto – your business – your choice.

Do what feels right to you!

So… If you want to be a Professional Virtual Assistant there are certain things you’ll need.

First, have the desire.

Second, have what I would call “professional skills”.

And third, rinse + repeat systems.

Let’s start with my definition of “professional skills”.

These “skills” are really a combination of traits + best practices.

Things like:

  • Don’t take on clients before you’re ready.
  • All your business systems are setup + ready to go.
  • You’re proactive.
  • You’re honest + ethical.
  • You want to help your clients succeed.
  • You only take on the “right” clients for you.
  • You keep it professional.
  • You collaborate + partner with your clients.

Having these traits or best practices doesn’t mean you’ll be successful… but it does show your clients that you’re invested and willing to take action to help them be successful.

Then there’s the rinse + repeat systems.

A business is made up of a series of systems.

No systems = no business (at least not for long).

You want to be sure you’ve got your key business systems implemented as soon as possible.

These systems are the foundation of a successful business.

You can read more about the key business systems by clicking here.

It will take you to a series of posts all about the systems you need.

I’ve also added the links below for easy reference.

Do you have your key systems implemented?

I’d love to hear from you.

All comments + questions are welcome.

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Thanks for reading – Susan

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