I remember the first time I had a potential client ask for a meeting to discuss how I could help them. I was terrified – I was like what do I say or ask?

Speaking about your business to a prospect is much different than applying for a job. In truth, you want to listen more than you talk.

In this week’s VLOG I talk about:

  • how to prepare
  • sample questions to ask
  • how to follow up

The biggest thing to remember is, it is NOT a sales call – it is a conversation to find out more about them and their business and how you can help them.

Enjoy the video and thanks for listening.

I’d love to hear what you think. Do you have a story about not meeting with a prospect? Please take a moment to leave a comment below and share your thoughts and questions. Or, feel free to share what you learned from this video.

You find a list of sample questions in my Prospect Questionnaire for free here.


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