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I’ve had many new Virtual Assistants or those thinking of starting a VA business ask “What are the bare bones you need to take on clients?” So, I thought I would create a quick checklist of the things I think you need (in no particular order).

What Do You Really Need To Start Taking On VA clients?

  • Know how much you need to earn.
  • What services you are offering.
  • A reliable internet connection and computer.
  • Email.
  • A client contract.
  • Your business policies documented.
  • A way to get paid.
  • A task management system to keep track of everything you need to get done and when.
  • Cloud storage such as DropBox.
  • Phone or Skype.

If you need help setting it all up have a look at the Getting Started Training. It’s an affordable membership program for anyone wanting a long-term successful VA business.

What do you think?

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Enjoy your day – Susan

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Written by Susan Mershon

Susan Mershon started The Techie Mentor™ in 2013 to teach Virtual Assistants her no-fluff approach to the systems and skills they need to build and automate a successful business.

With a strong base in project management, Susan brings her love of systems and teaching to offer in-depth training and mentoring to new and experienced Virtual Assistants.

She’s taught over 5,000 students her unique systems and strategies that focus on offering high-end skills that give you the freedom to work when and where you want.

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  1. Emma Bennett

    Hi Susan whilst I’ve been a VA for the past 30 months I’ve recently come across your website and the really useful information you offer.

    As additional to the above items you list how about the following:

    @ target market
    @ how are you going to market your services
    @ good internet presence – website – listings in online business directories

    Thank you for all your useful information Susan

    • SE Mershon

      Thank you Emma for taking the time to comment & I agree these are great additions to the list. Thanks again!

  2. Susan Mershon

    Thank you Nydia – I appreciate your comment. Enjoy your day!

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