Staying-Focused Tips For Virtual Assistants Who Suffer From Shiny Object Syndrome (S.O.S.)

Listen and learn about these staying-focused tips for Virtual Assistants. I use them myself to help me combat my S.O.S. (Shiny Object Syndrome). Staying focused is something that is near and dear to my heart because I am someone who suffers from Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) and Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

I find myself easily distracted and bouncing all over the place which is NOT very productive. I quickly realized I had to come up with some ways to keep myself focused and if you are someone who struggles with staying focused, here are a few staying-focused tips that have helped me.

Tune in to learn

  • What SOS and FOMO are and simple ways to combat them.
  • Tips to help you feel less overwhelmed.
  • Tools to help you stay focused.

Do you have staying-focused tips and tricks? I’d love to hear them – please share. If you need some structure while building your business, make sure to have a look at my Ultimate VA Success Guide: How To Start A VA Business. It will help you stay focused more easily.

Thanks for listening and reading – Susan

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Susan Mershon
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My Most Popular VA Resources

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