Stop Comparing Yourself To Others: It Can Keep You From Moving Forward

Comparing yourself to others is a form of self-sabotage and one that many people do. Sometimes without even noticing it. Have you ever compared yourself to someone else? Maybe not yourself, so to speak, but to where you are right now vs where someone else appears to be?

I’ve done it many times over the years. Thinking that I should be further ahead in my business because someone else who started after me seems so much further along. It stopped me in my tracks each time and had me second-guessing myself.

Embrace Your Uniqueness Instead Of Comparing Yourself To Others

I know it can be easy to get carried away by what you see on social media or for that matter anywhere online. People paint the picture of a perfect life for all to see. But more times than not, it’s not the truth, it’s an embellishment of it. In other words, you can’t believe everything you see, hear or think.

When we compare ourselves to others, we do so without knowing the whole picture. For instance, you could be in the first year of your business and compare yourself to someone who’s been in business for five years. You’re NOT in the same place but many times we assume we are. There’s a lot of backstories that you don’t see when you compare just at face value.

I think it’s important to remember this is a relationship-based business, which means not everybody is going to be your ideal client. Not everybody’s going to gravitate toward you and you need to be okay with that because in the end you only want to work with people that you truly enjoy working with.

Just Because It Looks Perfect, It Doesn’t Mean It Is

Realize social media is not all about honesty. A lot of it’s a scripted facade, especially for people who are trying to sell you things. Embrace you and your experiences because they are unique to you. Many times that’s what clients are looking for – you.

I had to stop looking at what other VA Coaches or Trainers are doing because I would start to doubt my direction and second guess myself. Then I would end up stuck and get in my own way because of it.

Now, I don’t look at what others are doing or saying. I stay in my own lane. I put my blinders on and work on my vision and goals. I don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, I focus on myself. It’s made a huge difference for me and my mindset.

Have you tried not comparing yourself to others? If not, it might be time to challenge yourself to stop comparing for 30 days and see what happens.

Thanks for reading – Susan

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Written by Susan Mershon

Susan Mershon started The Techie Mentor™ in 2013 to teach her no-fluff approach to the strategies and skills that Virtual Assistants need to create, build and grow a profitable and sustainable business.

With a strong base in project management, Susan brings her love of systems and teaching to offer in-depth training and mentoring to new and experienced Virtual Assistants.

She’s taught thousands of Virtual Assistants her proven strategies and systems for getting started, getting clients, and charging premium rates that can earn them 4x more than typical admin skills.

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