Tips For Sub-Contracting Your Services

Sub-Contracting Your Services

When you start out on your Virtual Assistant journey, it can be overwhelming and confusing.

Many are not sure where to start or how to get clients.

Sub-contracting is a great way to gain:

  • Confidence
  • Experience
  • Exposure

You can sub-contract your services to an individual Virtual Assistant or a team of Virtual Assistants.

In this week’s VLOG I share tips and tricks on working as a sub-contractor – enjoy!

Thanks for watching.

Do you have any tips for sub-contracting?

I’d love to hear what your comments & questions, please take a moment to leave them for me below.

Enjoy your day – Susan

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Written by Susan Mershon

Susan Mershon started The Techie Mentor™ in 2013 to teach Virtual Assistants her no-fluff approach to the systems and skills they need to build and automate a successful business.

With a strong base in project management, Susan brings her love of systems and teaching to offer in-depth training and mentoring to new and experienced Virtual Assistants.

She’s taught over 5,000 students her unique systems and strategies that focus on offering high-end skills that give you the freedom to work when and where you want.

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  1. Manjit

    Great one! Thanks for sharing!

    • SE Mershon

      My pleasure!

  2. jan

    Looking to hire sub-contractor. Very helpful.

    Love your hair!

    • SE Mershon

      Thank you Jan!

  3. Kristin

    I have always wanted to sub-contract my services until I get more clients, and I am so happy to see this Susan, thank you!

    • SE Mershon

      My pleasure Kristin!

  4. Diane

    Great information Susan. I’d like to add that if all these items you mentioned are covered (but what if the VA Team does not uphold their end of the contract re changing expectations, changing the rate, failing to pay you for time worked — basically deviation from any of the agreed upon terms of their contract which you have signed),what next steps would you take?

    • SE Mershon

      Diane, sorry this happened to you. I would contact my attorney and take the next step to get what was promised.

  5. Suzanne Farris

    I just love your blogs–this one, in particular, was very enlightening as I am just starting.

    • SE Mershon

      Thank you Suzanne!

  6. Kimberly

    You’re absolutely right! The company you do subcontract work for cannot tell you to shut down your business or what kind of work you do in your business BUT they CAN not only have you sign a confidentiality agreement, but also sign a limited non-compete when it comes to their current clients. 🙂


    • SE Mershon

      You are right Kimberly, thanks for adding 😉

  7. Dede

    Great advise, as always, Susan!

    • SE Mershon

      Thanks Dede!

  8. Jessie

    Hi Susan,

    Great tips! I am planning to hire sub contractors for my business and these are going to be really helpful.

    • SE Mershon

      Hi Jessie, thank you!

    • Cindy Foley

      I’m getting started and think sub-contracting with someone established would be a great way to start.

      • SE Mershon

        Thank you Cindy!

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