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I had worked through Susan’s VA Biz Launch Pad course, and I had worked on the section that addresses the target audience and Ideal Client but I was doubtful and divided on my decision. I had my marketing message and knew the services I was offering but the target client was too vague. With the pre-work assignment, and listening to her conversations with the other participants during the Dream Client Workshop, my client was knocked down to 2 by the time she worked with me. It was actually very obvious who my client would be, as she pointed out my familiarity with the industry. Despite new regulations, I knew the lingo and the services and products offered and I am familiar with the audience they would serve. Susan is very straight forward and makes things simple. She won’t push you to go beyond what is necessary or have you do things before you are ready.

Kimi Oaks –  Aspiring VA

Working with Susan to find my ideal client was so eye-opening. It helped to narrow it down to the right client that I want to serve. It also helped to hear what others had to say to help pinpoint that ideal client. Susan takes the time to help you discover who you want to actually work with vs what you feel will give you the best results but not really invested in. I would recommend the Dream Client Workshop to anyone that is struggling with who they want to serve.

Sue McConnell – Content Creator & Collaborator Extraordinaire

Susan had us do an exercise of identifying our passions and desires about working with clients and identifying the traits we wanted to work with. I finally have clarity of who my target audience is and my ideal client.
I can’t wait for the next workshop to identify and narrow down my services.

Thank you, Susan!

Debbie Neil – Aspiring VA

Susan was amazing at helping me identify my dream client. For 3 months I’ve been trying to narrow down my niche. In a matter of 20 minutes, she help me figure it out. By the end of the Dream Client Workshop I felt a sense of relief and peace knowing that I had found my ideal client. Now I can now begin to effectively market to them. Thank you Susan for helping me work it out. I think I was too close to it. Having an objective opinion and your wisdom was exactly the help I need.

Chrissy ODonnell – Virtual Assistant

I loved the Offer WordPress Services program! I already knew how to build WordPress sites, but this program was unique. It shows you how to build websites as a virtual service. It inspired me to create my new business. I’m forever thankful!

Autumn Evans – Evans Desk and Design

Hey, Susan. I wanted to say that I’ve never watched any free program that has so much value in it, I actually mean it. You’ve provided me all the foundations I needed to focus on and how to really set them up. So thank you for all the work you’ve done with the Free VA Training Vault! I’m grateful for finding you and I’ll continue the training till the end.

Chrysa Stoiloudi – Aspiring VA

Before I took Susan’s course Creating Service Packages System, I wanted to create a service package, but I wasn’t sure how to actually do that. With her hands-on, step-by-step teaching style, Susan showed me exactly what I needed to do. Because of that, I was able to create a service package I’m proud of.
One of the best things I learned in this course is a quote Susan said often throughout… “Your business, your choice.” Before this course, I’d been trying to model my business after what I was seeing others do. But once that phrase really hit home, it freed me to create a business I absolutely love. Thank you, Susan. You’re the best!

Michelle Lowery – Michelle V. Lowery

The Action Plan Workbook gave me a starting point. I’m still working through all the details but Susan’s guide has really helped me get going and plan my actions. I’ve got my website built (thank you WordPress and YouTube), my EIN, licenses, bank account and my name. All I need now is to narrow down my skills and gather in clients.

Kathleen Zahl – ThatZahl

I’m in the beginning stages of setting up my Virtual Assistant business. I joined Susan’s Facebook group and found out about her Free VA Training Vault. I’m about 80% through the training videos and it’s an amazing resource! I’ve learned so much from her. Susan has a no-nonsense approach which I really like. She gets right to the point and each video is chock full of really useful information. After I finish the free training, my plan is to read all her blog posts and subscribe to her YouTube Channel. I highly recommend these training videos for anyone interested in learning more about the VA business. Thank you Susan!

Robyn White – Time to Task, LLC

The Getting Started Action Plan is awesome and takes you step-by-step so you don’t get overwhelmed and helps you stay focused. It is easy to get sidetracked by all the information available, but the Action Plan empowers you from beginning to end.

Mattea Padilla – Aspiring Virtual Assistant

 I have read, watched and listened to a lot of the wonderful free content that Susan provides for beginner and experienced VAs. As a beginner in the VA industry, it was easy for me to get overwhelmed with all that is out there and to get lost as to what to do next. When I learned that there was a package that put all of the steps to starting your VA business in one place, I knew I needed it! The Getting Started System Action Plan has been a lifesaver! This step-by-step plan keeps me on track and all of the information, including links to other documents and templates, is in one place. This action plan has been well worth it!

Shari Smith – Aspiring Virtual Assistant

I have gone through the Offer WordPress Services training, and it has really helped me figure out how to structure my business and how to price my services. I used to procrastinate when it came to finding clients, simply because I had no idea how to price! I have taken a couple of other courses by the Techie Mentor, and they are all very well structured, divided up in bite size chunks, so you never get overwhelmed. And the support that Susan gives is amazing, she will always answer your questions within a day or two!

Helena Haidari – Aspiring Virtual Assistant

Susan’s VA Biz Launchpad course has been by far the best investment that I have made since starting my VA Business. Susan lays out very organized and detailed roadmap on how to launch your VA business. Her course is full of practical advice, action steps to take, wisdom from a seasoned professional, and consistent encouragement. I appreciate her straight forwardness and transparency about the mistakes she made and things she has learned in her business journey. I love Susan’s approach of getting your systems and plan in place first, before going after clients. With Susan’s “systems first” approach, I can go after clients confidently, instead of the “figure it out as you go” message that I see so often on VA websites and Facebook pages. I can’t recommend it highly enough, and I look forward to taking more of The Techie Mentor’s Courses. 

Erin English – English Endeavors

I have had the pleasure of taking multiple courses from Susan, The Techie Mentor. Susan has a way of explaining things that just make sense. The VA Industry is vast and there are plenty of opportunities, but without the right knowledge or guidance, it can be very discouraging and expensive. I have been a part of The Techie Mentor’s network for a year now and there isn’t a day that goes by that I can not reach out to the group members and not get an opinion or an answer – even Susan chimes in or if I have an in-depth question I can message PM or email Susan and she answers me back. I have grown to trust and value Susan’s opinion and knowledge. Thank you, Susan, because of you I now have 4 clients that I work with and new clients reach out to me all the time.

Gina Buchanan – Buchanan Virtual Office

I’m so glad I enrolled in Susan’s course WordPress 101 – Build WordPress Websites. She’s very knowledgeable and broke down WordPress in manageable pieces. She lets you know the important items that we need to know when building a website without needing a web design background.

Shakis Drummond – Ready, Set Done!

I had an old website that I had built on WordPress in 2010. It was dated and some of the features didn’t even work anymore due to the age of the theme. Not only that, but I’ve since upleveled my business and needed fresh, new copy. 

Today, not only do I have a clean new look and feel to my site, it actually talks about what I currently do for my clients! Susan made the process easy and had an infinite amount of patience with my extreme attention to detail. She worked with me until I was completely satisfied with the site.

It was such a relief to hand this off to an expert and know it was getting taken care of promptly and properly… no shortcuts. Now I’m proud to share my site far and wide!

Shelley McKenzie – Online Business Manager

As someone who has always loved tech, I discovered Susan a few years ago and appreciated her willingness to help, and answer EVERY question I asked. Seeing this comprehensive tool talked about a lot in the online business space, I’m happy she created this program to guide service providers on how to better serve their clients. I found the Infusionsoft Essentials course very valuable and recommend it to any virtual assistant wanting to become a greater asset to their clients.

Debra-Kaye Elliott –

In this inspiring and motivating course, Susan takes your hand and guides you through the jungle of all the overwhelming information you may find on the internet when you are at the beginning of your journey. It has tons of great materials, insights, and useful tips and tricks and I really feel well prepared for my new adventure. Even though Susan’s mantra in this course is “It’s action, not perfection” I think the course is perfect! It is very structured, the information comes in perfect doses, and all the exercises are a great way to get your own business off the ground. Best decision ever to buy this course!

Jana Buchmann – JB Author Services

Susan took something I had been struggling with for YEARS and turned my struggles into nicely wrapped packages. Packages have always been a challenge, what’s included, what to charge, and how to move a client from inquiry to booked without devaluing my self, my time, knowledge, passion, or smarts. I am so grateful for Susan and can’t wait to see how these changes will positively affect my life and the success of my business.

Jessica Scotten – Pineapple Relations

I reconnected with Susan after taking a free course she offered about getting more clients. However, my takeaway from that course was SO much more. I rebranded my business and decided a 1 Hour Quick Session would be beneficial; I was right! Susan explained something simple to me that I hadn’t realized before… if you don’t like it, don’t do it! Do what you like! I have since focused ONLY on offering clients the skills and tasks that I enjoy doing.

I would recommend taking Susan’s free courses to get a sample of what she can offer and definitely consider doing a personal training session. It has seriously helped me organize my business better and I have been happier since. Thanks Susan!

Corey Ayon – Ayon Assistance

Without knowing what to expect, I signed up for Susan’s program with the hopes of moving my business forward. Susan exceeded all of my expectations with her technical expertise, business smarts, humor, encouragement, and amazing shared resources!

When I started the program, I had one client and now I can happily say that I have 7 more (with prospects in the pipeline). Her program and support have given me the confidence to tackle all aspects of my business from leading client calls to juggling priorities to marketing my business. Very much look forward to learning more from Susan!

Leslie Rivera – The Artful Assistant

Susan is a great teacher. I never thought I would be able to do this myself, but with Susan’s teaching and helpful information I was able to build my website and learn how to offer that service to others. This investment in my business was well worth my time and money.

Gail Marks – Gail Marks VA

When I first launched my virtual assistant business I already had a lot of WordPress knowledge and skill… but it was one thing to know how to use WordPress for myself but a whole new ball game when I wanted to begin to offer them as services for others. 

This course single handedly gave me all the tools I needed to not only launch my business but to close up all those lose ends I was unsure about when it came to offering WordPress as a service. Plus, even once the course was over, the community is still so strong to go back to for feedback, discussions and ongoing support.

I didn’t know it when I first signed up… but this course was a major stepping stone that began transforming my new virtual assistant business into a full WordPress design+development business.  I’ll be forever grateful for Susan’s support and knowledge!

Katie O’BrienWeb Designer

Susan Mershon – Techie – Detailed – Patient – Thorough – Experienced – Clever – Understanding

Susan’s “been there-done that” experience provides a great foundation for her to base her content. As trainees and students to her program, she can understand where we are but also has flourished and knows the potential of where we can go.

I highly recommend Susan Mershon’s training courses. Although this was my first class that I signed up for, I am already 3 weeks into another of her courses. Your expectations will be met! The best part is when you are finished with the course, the training materials are yours to keep to review whenever you feel the need.

Debbie Weyers – Data After Hours

I have never been happier to leave a testimonial in my life. As someone who has gone through multiple trainings and workshops and been marketed to by hard-sell con artists who promise the world and deliver nothing, I can tell you that Susan is the opposite of ALL of that.

Her trainings are SO chock-full of EVERYTHING you could ask for! And what makes it just really cook is (1) her incredible integrity, and (2) her constant presence and willingness to answer questions and be a true support to all of us.

She’s the best, and truly remarkable. I am learning Infusionsoft and WordPress because of her, and at a price that I can afford!

Lori Kirstein – The Goodbye Good Girl Project

I’m a few months in to my Marketing VA business and this bootcamp came at the perfect time because it’s a complementary service to the marketing services I offer! While working through this bootcamp I built my website and became more confident in my WordPress skills and began selling my services while networking. The bootcamp just finished this week and I have three new clients needing WordPress websites!

Part of this bootcamp will help you put together your packages to sell your services. That was so helpful for me because it makes it easier to sell and customers to understand. I downloaded all of the materials and webinars to refer back to. Susan’s style of teaching makes things really easy to understand and it’s very practical, which I like. The bootcamp is affordable and pays for itself and more after one sale!

I’m looking forward to my next bootcamp with The Techie Mentor!

Amy Klous –

I took Techie Mentor’s WordPress Course actually accidentally thinking it was for learning WordPress. Even though I was a beginner, Susan’s class was very clear and I was able to follow everything she taught. I ended up not only learning some basics I needed to know for WordPress, but also how to apply the information as I progress to include website development in my skills.

I would strongly recommend Susan’s classes. She is careful to make things understandable and she is very responsive to any questions.

Laurie BirdCheck It Done

This program is awesome! If you’re spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to get a VA business started, then this program is for you! Susan takes you through step-by-step. I would have been lost with out it.

Thanks Susan!!

Amber AlbrightASL Virtual Help

I’ve always considered myself a life-long learner, especially when it comes to my business. When I came across a twitter posting about kick-starting your VA business I was instantly intrigued. The timing couldn’t have been better, as I was in the process of revamping my services.

As I started Module 1, Susan instantly impressed me with her attention to detail, insider facts and tips, all with sharing her personal experiences and being open to sharing her talent with us is just another value-added bonus. As I progressed through all the modules there wasn’t a time that I wasn’t having an “ah-ha” moment. Susan really helped me stretch my vision of what I can offer in my business and helped me tweak my processes along the way in doing business.

I have recommend many already through other social media outlets to check out Susan’s program and I will continue to do so as I feel that this is a hidden gem in the VA world. Thank you Susan for being my personal mentor.

Aileen GilpenALG Consultants

Susan gave direct and to the point coaching on how to work through my current business and mindset struggles. No general “search your heart” advice, but step by step activities that I could use to clarify my own thoughts and goals. Her willingness to share what she has learned on her journey was a great encouragement and learning opportunity for me.

I’m happy that I have had the chance to work with Susan while growing my business!

Meredith Jones – Meredith J

Having done the WordPress and Infusionsoft courses, I love Susan’s style of providing guidance in a simplistic but not patronising manner.

I’m learning by listening but also by using the sandboxes to practice what’s being preached! Thank you Susan

Jacky HodgesVirtually Bristolian

Susan has been a catalyst for building my business with training resources that save me time, money, and mistakes. She is extremely organized, laying everything out so I can make informed decisions about my business and the services I want to offer.

I feel women sometimes hesitate to invest in themselves (guilty!); Susan makes it easy, providing payment options to get the training I need when I need it and training modules developed in a way that I can manage and implement when I am available and ready. I am grateful for her generosity of resources and her positive and down-to-business attitude.

Techie Mentor is my go-to place when I am ready to take my business and skills to the next level. Thanks Susan!

Kimberly Cline – Kimberly Cline

Susan has been my business mentor for the past 5 years. We started working together after I took one of her courses (1 Shopping Cart).

I found someone I could relate… someone who spoke in a language I could understand, someone who listened and was always willing to explain when if I had any difficulty with something.

Because of that course and the help I needed and the help Susan gave me I felt I found my go-to person for techie help but also business building development help.

We’ve worked together for years now and although I no longer higher her for techie stuff (because of the way my business has evolved) I still rely on her as my Mentor, and friend. I don’t know what I would have done without her in my journey from a website design VA to a Brand Strategist.

Thank you Susan!

Jen Shea – Bohemian Branding

Susan has created a great step-by-step program which helped me get all my business tools in place before really “launching” my VA business. 

She offers great feedback and really encourages you to keep going with a positive and motivational approach.

Angie Libby – Angie Libby VA Consultant

I had a 1-hour coaching session with Susan to go over the packages I was creating. I needed a set of experienced eyes to look at my packages, find the holes, and help me fix them. Susan pointed out what I had missed and needed to add to my packages.

Had I not hired her to coach me on how to create those packages, I’d have found the holes in my packages the hard way.

Fabiane MalacarneFMB Virtual Assistance

I truly have benefited from being coached one on one by Susan. She really helped me with gaining clarity regarding my brand and also my pricing structure. It has given me more confidence and understanding of what I want for my business.

Thanks Susan!

Brooke Strauss-Dobi – Market Your MMA

When I started my VA business in the summer of 2016, I was a complete newbie and didn’t know anything about online businesses or their technical needs. The VA School is packed with courses that have left me feeling confident in my ability to do a great job offering the services I have chosen to provide.

The videos are in-depth and progress from the most basic information to covering everything you need to know about the individual programs in a way that is easy to understand and follow.

Susan over-delivers with these courses and I’m so glad I decided to invest in The VA School!

Lisa V In BC – Designer

I wanted to let you know that I learned so much from our coaching sessions. While it is taking me a while to implement everything, I am so excited about the direction my business is headed. I have more traffic going to my site, my list is growing, and I’m building my network through LinkedIn by leaps and bounds. I have scheduled calls with potential client as a result of being more engaged on LinkedIn.

I can’t thank you enough for your teachings, suggestions and support. In a nutshell, you ROCK!

Michelle Alexander – MEA Virtual Solutions

I highly recommend this class. It got my business back on track, my website is very close to completion and has been so for a number of month, but I’ve been freaking out when I realized that I had no plan to get clients!

Susan’s approach helped get me back on track, by refining who my target market is, and finding out where to reach them online.

I feel confident that I will be able to take my business to the next level, i.e. actually getting clients! Well worth the money!

Leslie Burton – Leslie Burton’s Office Solutions

The Techie Mentor (Susan) is a bundle of knowledge and inspiring energy. The Techie Mentor is just that, a mentor with vast technical information, generously shared. Susan is clear, concise, very generous, approachable and the knower of seemingly endless relevant information. In my experience, The Techie Mentor is THE place for everything you need as a new VA. When she says she has created a comprehensive program for new and existing VA’s, believe it!

I entered the VA world with many years of corporate experience. I had even dabbled as a VA before anyone knew what a VA was. Re-joining this industry and not wanting to spend time reinventing the wheel, I was referred to the Facebook Group “VA Tricks and Tips” by a trusted partner from my past – Thank goodness! This referral led me to a free Techie Mentor Webinar and then to the Techie Mentor VA Kick-Start Program. This program has saved me an incredible amount of time and frustration by providing what I need to get my business up and running. I am very frugal and sometimes skeptical and this has truly been the best investment I could have possibly made – for both my business and myself. Susan Mershon is the real deal!

Bobbi Becker – Manifesting Joy With Bobbi

The material and depth of information provided in the VA Kickstart program has been invaluable to me as I have prepared and launched my business this year.

Through Susan’s inspiration to follow my passion and gifting, I narrowed my focus towards an individual/family service instead of the VA industry; but the business basics, marketing tips and techie tools that I garnered through this program have provided a solid foundation for my endeavor.

Susan is a gifted teacher and I would highly recommend this or any other program under her direction. Thank you Susan!

Michelle Nelson – No Detail Too Small

Finding Susan and completing the VA Kick-start programme has been life changing for me. It has instilled confidence in my skills and laid a very firm foundation on how to run my business. I know I will be referring to it time and time again.

The ongoing support is wonderful. Thank you Susan!

Kim Pridgeon –  On Target Virtual Concepts

The VA Kick-Start System has helped me learn everything about what a VA is, what we do and how to do it. Purchasing the program is one of the best things that I did to achieve the new goals in my life!

I would totally recommend it to anyone starting out.

Maitane Zubillaga – Mai Virtual Key

Although I have invested in many areas of my business with The Techie Mentor, The VA Kickstart System has afforded me to align my business in more ways than one.

With the FB groups for support, the online training and her personable approach, I will always send people who are interested in becoming a VA, her way. I am grateful that I did not have to struggle in my VA journey. Not having to reinvent the wheel, allowed me to remain in control of my decision of becoming a entrepreneur. 

Thank you.

Cynthia DixonCynassists 

Not only would I recommend the VA Kick-Start program for people interested in becoming virtual assistants, I would recommend the program for business entrepreneurs in general.

Susan is so insightful on what works to run a successful business, how to market it, how to discover your target market, and most importantly how to get clients. I love how she is so motivating as well as the other members of the private Facebook group.

Jenny Witte – Jennifer Witte Designs

This is the ideal program for anyone looking to begin their journey of becoming a Virtual Assistant.

Susan’s methods of training are informative, interesting, fun and practical which makes you excited to get stuck into each and every module.

I’ve been running my VA business for a number of years now and with the support I’ve received from Susan, I have gained the confidence to stand proud as an established member of the VA community.

Michelle Gibson – Gibson VA

Susan’s course is wonderful. It is full of useful information. She covers all of the basics and much more…and it comes with lots of great forms and examples.

Everything that Susan covers is extremely helpful, for beginners to the more advanced. I can’t stress how helpful all the information has been, how clearly Susan presents it, and how wonderful it is to have found someone so trustworthy and knowledgeable as Susan!!

Pamela LewerenzThe Brick Wall Coach

 Susan’s program gave me the extra push I needed to take my business to the next level.

The program filled so many holes in my business and I couldn’t be more grateful. Susan helped me define my niche, target market and increase my business confidence overall. The support of the Facebook group and Susan’s support is second to none!

Melissa Gray – Melissa M. Gray Collaborations

This is the second techie course that I’ve completed and I’m looking forward to starting another one.

Susan’s training method is very easy to follow and it fits easily into a busy schedule. Although the training is technical, it’s explained in plain English.

I’d definitely recommend the Techie Mentor’s training courses.

Yvonne QuinnQuinn’s VA 

The VA Kick-Start program was just what I needed to really get me on the right track as a virtual assistant. I thought I knew most of the information as I looked over the modules and thought, “I’m not going to learn anything new, I already know all this stuff!” Pfft, was I wrong!

Susan was so detailed and taught me so much about processes, how to work with clients and the secrets of what makes a VA business really work.

If you TRULY want to succeed at having a VA business and being one of the top Virtual Assistants out there, buy the program. You won’t regret it!

Jess Roth – Badass Assistant

Wow! What can I say? VA Kickstart helped me pull all the pieces together. It helped me clarify and breakdown how to prepare to launch a VA business. It helped me to know exactly what I needed to work on.

The value of the support group on Facebook, the one-on-one call with Susan and monthly call with the group is INVALUABLE!

I am beyond grateful to have found Susan Mershon, The VA Kickstart System – and the tools she offers for learning and building your business!!!

Kathie Mills – KMVAS

This has been a great way to learn. One of my clients has Ontraport and I knew nothing about it. Fortunately, buying this program from techimentor has helped me to learn and be able to do the work he requires. It breaks things down simply. Taking this course helped me with other clients use of various tools that implement some CRM. It also made me realize how much I like doing work in CRM’s and maybe would like to work up to being an Ontraport Specialist.

It has taken me a while to go through the videos since I am busy, but they are always there for me to go over and over! How awesome! I liked it so much I bought the Infusionsoft one and plan to start that soon. I will be buying more training’s – these are awesome for VA’s.

Evonne Lopes – Your Work Assistant

I’ve been in Susan’s VASK and now, the VABB and both of them are amazing! Both has helped me build my VA Business from scratch, from mindset to planning and executing it right. Her genuine intention to teach others and help them build an earning home-based business makes her an incredible teacher and coach!

I can never thank her enough. If you’re new to the VA industry and wants to learn the business, this is the course for you.

Roche Rivera – Professional VAS

Me before the VA Bootcamp, clueless! After the VA Bootcamp, empowered! Susan’s course includes content that is relevant to be a successful VA. With so many claiming to be “experts” in the industry, it’s not easy to invest your hard earned money in a program and hope that it will pay off.

I can say 100% that Susan Mershon is the real deal. Once you are in her circle, SHE is WITH you. You will NEVER feel alone. Susan is there personally step-by-step to make sure you succeed. And that’s one of the many reasons she’s a leader, she truly cares about you and your business.

Thank you once again Susan for taking me from clueless to empowered! I am forever grateful!

Kathy Bartoga – Kathy Bartoga & Co

Eight months ago I completed a year and a half of training on creating websites with html, css, c programming,…the whole enchilada and graduated with distinction but still found it trying and time consuming putting together a website from scratch. I’m creative and a visual person so coding was not my bag of fun.

When I signed up for Susan’s Bootcamps, I had a feeling that my situation would change for the better. I have been following her since September and really clicked with her way of communication and presentation of information. So I invested in myself and took the courses. Best decision I ever made!

I LOVE WordPress so much better and Susan made it fun and easy to learn and provided support and feedback right away with any questions I had…and continue to have! My brain won’t stop — I have to learn more!

Kudos Susan, you really did a great job explaining on how to use WordPress and how to apply it in the real world. I had taken the decision to not offer website design as part of my VA services but now I’ve changed my mind to the extent that I am recreating my website with WordPress and will be offering web design services…very soon!

Thanks again for your tutoring!

Sylvie Leroux-LanthierSteps3 Plus

An intense but detailed and easy to follow course. The sandbox is invaluable and being able to go back and practise the new skills over and over is such a relief. I have learnt so much that I am confident enough to offer Infusionsoft services.

Thank you to The Techie Mentor.

Tracey Preater – Online Office Services

I’m much more confident with LinkedIn. I’ve improved my profile, I’ve learned how to connect and be active on this interesting Social Network (my favourite one!). Susan’s explanations are very clear and she is always available for further clarifications.

Highly recommended!

Antonella CafaroAC Virtually

Having Susan as a coach was just like her classes, she helped me grow my business and get ahead by holding me accountable, sometimes holding me up emotionally and lots of laughter even when she was giving me deadlines for my tasks. Susan coaches with complete transparency, so there is zero doubt as to how you’ll meet your goals.

I would recommend her coaching to anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level.

Lesley Fischer – Exclusive 25th Hour

Infusionsoft Basics is a great introduction to the basics of the software! Infusionsoft is referred to as ‘confusion-soft’ for a reason and I found Susan’s instructional webinars to be extremely helpful as I waded through the material. I LOVE that she offers a ‘sandbox’ where you can try out what you’ve learned from each session.

I will definitely continue my Infusionsoft journey and take any additional training that she offers. Highly recommended and affordable if you are on a budget. Reference materials and resources are included too!

Thank you so much for a great class!

Jamie Bateman – The Write Style Virtual Assistant

I thought this program was very user friendly. Susan is a great instructor that explains things in great detail which is how I like to learn. This was a great use of my money and the added value of the Facebook private group, spreadsheets on determining your rates and overall structure makes it a winning combination for me.

Take the class you will be happy you did.

Tracey Hamilton – Sunny Virtual Business Support

I was buried in the details of starting my own business, but with Susan’s encouragement and wealth of information, I was finally able to formulate terrific business policies as well as an ongoing marketing plan. I went from overwhelmed and stuck to having a focused, busy, professional career just in the span of this class!

Susan is a true mentor in the field of Virtual Assistance. You will be happy with whatever class you decide to take, but you will be challenged to stop at just one. I know I have been!

Cathy Mercer – Aspen Executive Assistance

I signed up for the Build a Website Bootcamp class not knowing anything about websites. I learned a ton from Susan. She is a great instructor and has a lot of knowledge. She did not just teach the class she was also there to help with any issues we had when putting what we learned to practice.

If you want to learn how to create or update websites I highly recommend taking this class.

Jennifer Di Domenico – Small Business Bookkeeping

One year ago I signed up for Susan’s Virtual Assistant Level 1 Training Program. I loved it so much, I immediately signed up for Level 2. This was the best move I have made for my business. I can go on and on about the benefits of working with Susan like:

I increased my hourly rate by $20
I grew my biz 3x in size (and growing!)
I have increased the services I offer
I have all of the necessary systems in place now (and know how to use them!)
I’m putting together Packages to offer to my clients
I have a team working for me now
I am MUCH better at time management

But the very best part of training with Susan is her personality. She trains from her heart. She doesn’t talk AT you, she speaks to you and encourages questions. She is always available and accessible. She’s very generous with her training and will always answer any questions, no matter how “silly” they may seem or how “technical” the issue. She’s knowledgeable in just about everything it seems! The private forums are invaluable! You are connected with VA’s just like you. Supporting each other, becoming friends, and bouncing ideas off one another.

I highly recommend Susan’s Virtual Assistant Coaching Programs.

Donna Shaffer – Donna’s Integrative Health VA

I truly enjoyed our conversation. You validated a lot of what I had been thinking about how to proceed with my business. Your “kick in the pants” motivation was just what I needed to get me going!

Thank you so much!

Felicia Goldwire – Deluxe Virtual Assistance

I was struggling with setting up my website. WordPress Basics as made it much clearer for me. I was able to stop and implement things on my own website as I was working through the course. I should have done this training earlier!

Susie de Andrade – Adept VA

What I love about Susan’s training courses is she is always there to lend a helping hand. She really shows through her training that she is passionate about what she does and really want her students to succeed. I took Susan’s 1Shopping Cart Basics training course in October 2013 and enjoy how she goes into detail about how to use the program. She is also excellent about going back over something if you don’t understand it the first time. I also love the fact that she records the live webinars for you to download if you missed the scheduled training course.

I am so impressed with Susan’s training courses that I have signed up for three more courses to help with my administrative consultant business. The best part of her training courses is once you complete the course you receive a certificate of completion which I love to show off on my website and social media platforms that I am trained and experienced in my line of work.

Susan knows her stuff!

LaToya Haynes – Travel Romantic Getaways

I would love to tell you about Susan Mershon, The Techie Mentor. Susan is an invaluable source for any up and coming Virtual Assistant. I was fortunate enough to be provided with a link to Susan from another source. That was probably the BEST source I have EVER found!

Because of Susan, I have gained the confidence and the expertise to double my business. I have learned things that I never thought possible. I have learned how to market myself and my business and have learned what to charge my clients.

Most importantly, Susan is THERE for us. Her VA Coaching class provides insight and resources that I would never have dreamed of. I have been given numerous compliments on my “professional” documentation when sending off “Welcome Packages” to a new clients. The items included in the package are items I would never have been able to come up with on my own.

Susan’s marketing packages and advice have more than doubled my income in the short 3 months I have been working with her. The fact that she is available for personal advice assures me that my success is actually important to her!

If you sincerely would like to succeed in the VA business, I would strongly encourage you to sign up for some of Susan’s courses. Whether it be email marketing, WordPress or her 6 month coaching class, you cannot go wrong. Susan will provide you with all the information you need to make a success of your business and to succeed in this economy!

Dede Stockton – A Virtual World LLC

Susan made this course very easy to understand and follow. Although I’m reasonably techie myself, I found this course very valuable and it saved me a lot of time in research and trial and error. I have immediately signed up for the Intermediate course and will most definitely do several of her other courses in time.

I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough!

Amber Dixon – VA Champion

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