The Fake It Until You Make It Strategy

The Fake It Until You Make It Strategy

Don’t Use The Fake It Until You Make It Strategy

Lately, I’ve seen lots of posts and ads about “Fake it until you make it” and I have a serious problem with this so-called strategy.

So, Friends, this is going to be a “soapbox” post – you’ve been warned  ;-).

Not to mention there are people teaching this strategy to new Virtual Assistants… it’s just wrong.

If you’re not familiar with it… it means fake like you know what you’re doing until you do!

That’s no way to do business!

Do you really want to fake it with your clients? You’re working in their business – their baby.

They trust you can do what you say. Remember, it’s your business and reputation on the line.

I’ve heard WAY too many horror stories about Virtual Assistants saying they know how to do something just to get the client.

Then, when it comes time to deliver, they disappear leaving the client high and dry.

This damages our industry. Clients have trust issues (rightfully so) because they’ve been burned.

The VA Industry is a service based industry, similar to lawyers, CPA’s, doctors, dentists, plumbers and many more.

Would you want your attorney or doctor to fake it on you until they learn what they need to make it?

I know I would not.

Now I know that’s not a straight comparison, but you get the idea. Professionals such as attorneys or doctors spend years in school learning their professions plus pass a test before they can even begin working with clients.

Virtual Assistants do not.

It’s all about ethics and being transparent with your clients. If you don’t know something, say so.

You might be surprised… many clients are willing to work with you to help you learn things.

And… there is a big difference between faking it and lack of confidence.

Faking means you’re not really sure what you’re doing. Like saying you know Infusionsoft but you’ve never seen it before.

Lack of confidence means you have the skills and know what you’re doing, you’ve just not done it enough to be confident yet. For example, you’ve taken classes to learn WordPress but you’ve not offered it as a service yet.

There are so many ways you can learn the skills you need to be successful. Take a class, intern, sub-contract, or find a mentor.

I sub-contracted for several people when I was getting started to gain confidence and understand how this whole business works.

Go with what you already know – offer that.

But please, stop faking it.

What do you think?

Feel free to post below and share your thoughts on this strategy.

I’d love to hear from you.

All comments + questions are welcome.

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Thanks for reading – Susan

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