5 Useful Tips on Project Management

5 Useful Tips on Project Management

Project Management Tips

If you’re a busy entrepreneur or one that is just starting out, it is so important to have systems and a plan in place for when you’re business takes off.  Here are 5 useful Tips on Project Management that every entrepreneur can benefit from.

1.  Organization – Let technology help you get and stay organized.  For example use:

    • EverNote to keep minutes from client meetings and store project documents
    • Word Templates to create client & edit documents such as contracts, business policies, client or prospect information forms.
    • Echo-sign to electronically deliver and sign contracts
    • DropBox for document storage that both you and your clients need access to

2.  Productivity – Need more time in your day?  Try these simple tips:

    • Use an online calendar such a iCal or Google.  You can easily synch calendars with your mobile devices so you can stay on top of your calendar when not in the office.
    • Create email folders to keep track of emails – don’t leave them in your Inbox.  Once they’re complete, move them to the appropriate folder.  This makes is easy for you to locate should you need it again.
    • Cut down on interruptions.  Turn off your phone, put Do Not Disturb on your door, close Skype & your email.  It is so easy to get distracted if you leave your email or Skype open.  Finish what you start!
    • Schedule time on your calendar to work on your own business and treat it like a business meeting!

3.  Task Management – Stay on top of your deliverables and:

    • Meet your deadlines
    • Know your availability to take on more work
    • Track time against tasks
    • There are several tools on the market that offer either a free version or a free trial period.  Take a look at TeamworkPM, Zoho, Myintervals or Attask to name a few.  Don’t be afraid to try out a few different ones until you find the one that works for you!

4.  Kickoff Meetings – When you start a new project or take on a new client it is imperative to:

    • Set expectations
    • Define roles and responsibilities
    • Discuss business policies and communication preferences
    • Set task priorities and deadlines

5.  Status Meetings – Weekly or bi-weekly meetings with your clients to:

    • Stay in contact
    • Stay accountable
    • Communicate

These 5 Project Management Tips help you get and stay organized and build a relationship with your clients.

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