Virtual Assistant is NOT a Title…

Virtual Assistant is NOT a Title…

It’s an Industry.

People either:

  • don’t know what one is
  • or think you’re an administrative assistant

Titles are not as important now that you’re a business owner as they were when you were employed. You can call yourself absolutely anything since you own the business!

It’s not about your title… it’s about what you do for your clients.

If you need a title for your business card or an event, use something related to the services you offer. For example: Email Marketing Manager, Transcriptionist, Social Media Specialist, etc.

When it comes to networking, develop a marketing message aka elevator speech that quickly explains who you help, what you do & why.

Use my simple formula that combines your Target Market, Benefits & Niche into one simple statement.

I help (Insert Target Market) (Insert a Trigger/Benefits) by (Insert Niche).

For example – I help Business Coaches save time & money by managing their Social Media.

Remember… clients are more interested in results NOT what you’re called. Focus on that!

What’s your title?

 I’d love to know!

All comments + questions are welcome.

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Are You Motivated?

Are You Motivated?

Staying Motivated

I remember when I first started on my Virtual Assistant journey, how hard it was to stay motivated when:

a – things were not moving fast enough

b – things were not going my way or

c – I was stuck in “Analysis Paralysis”

I know this can take the wind out of your sails and even have you doubting yourself.

But Remember… “The Beginning is Always the Hardest”.

The beginning of anything is always the hardest, whether it is starting a business or learning to ride a bike. The key is to keep trying & never give up.

Here are 5 simple tips I use to stay motivated:

  1. Take baby steps – take action. Because every step forward, no matter how small, is one step closer to your dreams. I use the mantra “Action NOT Perfection”.  (I’m a recovering perfectionist and find myself not doing something because “it’s not perfect”.)
  2. Take a break. Sometimes it helps to remove yourself from the situation and do something you enjoy. Take a walk, play with your kids, read a book or anything else that takes your mind off your troubles.
  3. Take a look in your Success Jar. Remind yourself just how far you’ve come. We seem to always be fixated on where we have to go and forget how far we’ve already come. Remember…it is a journey. Click here to read more about creating a Success Jar.
  4. Talk to others. Reach out to other Virtual Assistants – it helps just to share your thoughts and feeling with others. Find a local group of Virtual Assistants or join a VA group on social media. We’ve been there and are glad to help.
  5. Remember your “Why”. We all have a reason “why” we are pursuing a VA business. What is yours? Your reason is one of the most powerful tools you can use to help you stay focused & motivated no matter what challenges you face on your journey. I created a Vision Board so I can look at my “Why” when things get tough – it really helps me stay focused and motivated.

These are a few of the things that I do when life is not going my way. Give one or all of them a try!

What do you think?

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Please share if you know someone who might benefit from this information. The share buttons are below the post.

Oh… and each week I host an Open Mic Session in my VA Tips & Tricks Facebook Group where I deep dive specific topics & answer your questions, be sure to join us for the next one –

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