Be a VA Matchmaker + Scale Your Business

Be a VA Matchmaker + Scale Your Business

Be a VA Matchmaker + Scale Your VA Business

What you need to know + how to get started!

Let’s talk about VA Matchmaking!

VA Matchmaking is a great way to either scale your current VA business or add another revenue stream to it!

Today we are deep diving VA Matchmaking – the what, the why + the benefits!

This blog is part of the series I’m doing on 7 different ways to scale your business. Here is the link to the original blog in case you missed it.

7 Ways To Scale Your Virtual Assistant Business

So let’s dive in!

First… what is a VA Matchmaker?

My definition is someone who matches qualified clients with qualified Virtual Assistants.

It could be the sole income source of their business (the business model) or a revenue stream that brings in extra income.

At it’s most basic – you’re someone who connects people.

If you’ve been in this industry for any amount of time, you know it’s a struggle for both Virtual Assistants to find clients AND for clients to find qualified Virtual Assistants.

This need – this problem is how the VA Matchmaker business was born.

It was created to solve a need.

This is a great alternative to building your own team! (You don’t have to manage a team and all the complexities that go with it!)

How does being a VA Matchmaker work?

You match qualified Virtual Assistants with qualified clients looking for their services.

There are a couple of different ways that you can approach this.

One is through an RFP System, which allows clients to complete a form/questionnaire that sends their details directly to qualified Virtual Assistants. (Similar to what IVAA does).

Another option is to be more hands-on and interview potential clients and then help them find the right Virtual Assistant.

There is no one size fits all formula to this.

Remember my motto, your business – your choice.

Do what works for you.

But… keep in mind if you are the middleman you can become the bottleneck in the entire process.

Being a matchmaker could be another revenue stream to your current business, or you could totally flip the script and have it be your business model.

That means that is how you make money – by matching clients to Virtual Assistants.

There are people who do just that.

One is the VA Collaborative and there is another one called the VA Matchmaker, so if you’re interested in what this whole thing looks like, feel free to check out their websites.

Things to consider…

Do you want to have a matchmaking business or just another revenue stream?

Your answer to this question determines everything else that follows. Be sure to take the time to decide what whats for you right now.

Then there is the question of the systems and tools you need to have in place to help automate the entire process.

Some people have a membership program where they charge monthly fees for anyone that wants access to their RFP’s or qualified clients.

Another option is to be more of a white glove service where you interview both the potential clients and Virtual Assistants and build a database of names to refer people to.

If you’re considering this option, stop and think how that fits into your dream business or lifestyle.

  • Do you really want to be in the middle?
  • Does it tie you down to “office hours”?
  • Does it restrict your freedom + flexibilty?

Really take the time to understand the systems you need to have in place and how much time you will be involved in the entire process of matchmaking.

Another more hands-off option is to focus on Referral Partners.

It works like this… you refer clients to qualified Virtual Assistants and get paid either a flat free or even a percentage of the work they do for say the first 6 months with the client you referred.

You’re referring people and getting paid for it.

There are several different ways you can approach being a matchmaker, it’s not one size fits all!

Let’s talk systems…

Now, one of the most important things need to figure out, is if this is going to be your entire business (business model) or another revenue stream for your existing business. If you’re really good at connecting people you might consider this as your business – if not then consider adding it as additional revenue. Once you make the decision you need to look at the systems you’ll need to support all the moving pieces you’re going to have.

For instance:

  • how do you find qualified people (clients or VAs)
  • who is your market
  • how do you get paid

It’s important that you get really clear on who your market is for this. Like I said, there are lots of people who have issues finding qualified VA’s, but not everyone’s your client. Are you going to go after creatives, course creators? You’re going to go after business coaches or finance coaches? You need to be very clear who your market is for this particular type of business.

A few more important things….

How you vet VAs to be sure that they are qualified? It’s your reputation so you want to make sure that you have qualified individuals to present to clients that are looking for them, and vice versa.

What services are you offering?

Are you going to be offering everything under the sun?  Or are you going to really specialize?

If I were you, I would specialize. I would move away from the admin-type skills, because the industry is saturated with admin-type skills, and really go for more specialists or consultants on the technology or strategic side of things. They are going to be a higher-paying services and they’re also more in-demand than anything in the admin space.

Are you location specific? In other words, you only have U.S. VAs or North American VAs, or are they from somewhere else?

How are you going to market this? Because you’re now a networker.

Whew… I know that I’ve given you a lot to think about here.

If you’re someone who is really good at connecting people or at networking being a matchmaker might be for you. You could add it as another revenue stream and test it out to see if it’s something you enjoy before diving into it full time.

It’s another great way to scale your Virtual Assistant business.

I’d love to know what you think.

Feel free to post below and let me know if you’re considering becoming a VA Matchmaker!

All comments + questions are welcome.

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Thanks for reading – Susan

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