The Power of Upsells: Boosting Your Bottom Line

Are you leaving money on the table?

Think about it for a moment. You’ve just completed a project or service for a client—what’s next? Are you maximizing the opportunity to continue working with them or missing out on additional revenue?

Today, I’m delving into a strategy that could transform how you approach client relationships and revenue generation. Welcome to the power of “upshares.”

I wanted to tackle this topic because I’ve noticed some hesitation in my community regarding broaching this subject with clients. So, let’s break it down.

First things first, what exactly is an upsell?

Well, it’s simply about offering additional services to clients who’ve just completed a purchase or project with you. It’s about showing them what’s next and how they can continue benefiting from working with you.

Now, let’s talk about why upsells are crucial.

Take, for instance, a website development project. Once it’s done, many of us move on to the next project, right? But hold on a second—by not offering your clients the opportunity to continue working with you, you could leave money on the table.

For instance, after building a website, you could upsell your clients into a monthly management package where you handle ongoing maintenance. It’s all about sharing opportunities for continued collaboration.

Here’s a shift in perspective for you: instead of thinking of it as “upselling,” let’s reframe it as “upsharing.” Because that’s what it really is—a collaborative sharing of opportunities.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I used to talk myself out of offering additional services to clients, only to have them ask, “Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

Lesson learned: I needed to share what I had to offer, or else I left money on the table and missed out on business.

So, here’s the game plan: when you’re wrapping up a project, take the opportunity to share what else you have to offer. Please keep it simple.

You can use phrases like “So that you know” or “By the way” to introduce additional services. And hey, don’t overcomplicate it if you’re a script person great. If not, like me, just jot down some bullet points to ensure you cover all your bases during client conversations.

Remember, it’s not about selling—it’s about sharing.

Let your clients know how you can help them further, and let them decide if they’re interested. Even if they don’t need it immediately, planting that seed for future collaboration is invaluable.

Here’s a pro tip: don’t limit your “upsharing” efforts to client calls. Emails work wonders, too! A quick “Did you know?” message can spark new opportunities.

So, fellow entrepreneurs, let’s embrace “upsharing” and keep growing with our clients. Remember, having packages that offer recurring income is vital to sustaining your business in the long run.

I hope you found this helpful. Now, go out there and start “upsharing” how you can help your clients! As always, thanks for tuning in.

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Susan Mershon
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