The Top Skills For Virtual Assistants

What You Need To Know!

These in-demand skills make it easier to get clients + earn a great living!

Welcome to part two of this three-part series of blog posts focusing on the skills you need to be successful as a Virtual Assistant.

If you haven’t read the first post all about Soft Skills you can read it here.

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about the top in-demand skills clients are looking for.

The ones they want + need.

What I call “Hard Skills”.

These are the skills that make it easier to market your services, get clients and earn more money.

First… you may be wondering how I know what skills clients want.

Good question.

Well… it’s because online business owners come to me every week asking for referrals for skilled professionals.

These are the skills that I’ll be covering in this post – the top in-demand skills I’m asked for the most.

But, first I want to address a few things I see happening all the time in the VA Industry.

Things that make it more difficult to market your services, get clients + earn great money.

Many people start out by trying to be a “Jack or Jill” of all trades. (Also known as a Generalist).

This is when you offer everything but the kitchen sink to your clients.

It sounds good in theory… you know the more I offer the more successful I could be.

But… it’s actually the opposite.

First… it’s not about QUANTITY it’s all about QUALITY.

In fact, the more services you offer the more confusing it can be for your audience.

They’re not quite sure what you do – or what you do well.

If you’re struggling to get clients or market your services, you might want to start by looking at how many services you’re offering.

Is it clear what you “specialize” in by looking at your list of services?

If it’s not clear to you – then I can bet it’s not to your potential clients.

Start by cleaning up your list of services.

Go through them one at a time and ask yourself if you actually enjoy doing it.

If you don’t like it, then don’t do it.

Remove it from your list of services.

That’s the beauty of having your own business – you only have to offer what you truly enjoy doing and nothing else.

When you shift your focus to specializing in just a few services something happens.

It becomes easier to market your services, for potential clients to understand what you do and to earn more money.

You want to be a Specialist NOT a Generalist.

Plus… specializing makes it easier to scale your business!

If you’re offering ONLY administrative type tasks – it’s going to be harder to get clients + make good money.


Because the VA Industry is flooded with EA’s, PA’s + AA’s.

Now, don’t get me wrong, having admin skills is a great asset to you.

BUT…. client’s don’t want or need JUST admin skills.

What they want and need is help with the systems + tools that run their online business.

The ones that help them be successful.

You’ll need to move away from offering all admin type skills and move towards the skills that clients need.

The ones that are in demand and can earn you up to twice as much as admin skills (not a guarantee).

So… how do you know what to specialize in?

Well… you can specialize in one of the services that you already offer, or you can learn one of the top in-demand skills clients want.

Here are the skills I’m asked for the MOST:

All things Digital Marketing. It is the hottest set of skills right now in the industry.

  1. WordPress Websites + Management
  2. Project Management
  3. Copywriting
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Systems + Processes
  6. Techie Skills
  7. These are in no particular order except I would say the Digital Marketing is the one most people want + need help with.

I’ve detailed a few more as well broken down what skills are considered Digital Marketing in my FREE Top 10 Skills EBook. You can grab your copy below.

You can use this EBook to help you move from Generalist to Specialist.

If you’re wondering what skills I would recommend – I would say Mail Chimp + WordPress.

In fact, in my opinion I think ALL Virtual Assistants should know them both.


Well, Mail Chimp is a tool that many new online business owners use for email marketing and it’s an easy tool to learn and use. It is one of the most requested skills I get! If you want to learn more about Offering Mail Chimp as a service in your business, join my FREE VA Training Vault (button below).

And, WordPress is a great skill to have since 95% of your clients (and potential clients) either have a WordPress website or need one. You don’t have to know how to build a website in order to help your clients – you can learn how to manage it for them. 

In order to be successful as a Virtual Assistant, you need to have the skills that clients want + need.

If you don’t, you’ll struggle with getting clients and earning money.

It’s all about supply + demand.

If you’re interested in learning in-demand skills AND how to offer them as a service, check out my new Techie VA Training Vault here.

What do you think?

I’d love to hear from you.

All comments + questions are welcome.

For the next blog post in this series all about being a Professional Virtual Assistant click here.

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If you’re looking for more details on how to start or scale your VA business including how to specialize by learning in-demand skills, join my FREE VA Training Vault. You’ll get instant access to how-to video training for Virtual Assistants that want to create a successful business.

Thanks for reading – Susan

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