Ready To Create Your Virtual Assistant Business Plan? Start With These 10 Untypical Questions

The Virtual Assistant business plan I’m talking about is not the same as a typical business plan written for banks or investors. What you need is a guide that walks you through the steps to set up your Virtual Assistant business in an organized and straightforward way.

Before we start be sure to download my free Virtual Assistant business plan template that walks you through the process we’re talking about here.

Click here + download the Free VA Business Plan Template

Be sure to keep your Virtual Assistant business plan handy, as we’ll use it again in the other blog posts in this series.

#1 – Have You Done Your Research?

I know I mentioned in the previous blog post that the first thing you need to do is have a Virtual Assistant business plan. A plan for how and when you’re going to do the work needed to make it happen.

But to be honest… the first thing you should do is make the decision to either find out more about becoming a virtual assistant or go for it and start your own VA business. First, I’d like to ask you a few questions.

  • What do you know about being a Virtual Assistant?
  • Have you done the research?

I think it’s important to have a clear understanding of what you’re getting into—not to scare you, but so you know what to expect. Understand what being a Virtual Assistant is all about.

#2 – What Is Your Why?

In other words, why do you want to be a Virtual Assistant? To start your own business? Your why is what keeps you focused and motivated during hard times. And, my friend there will be hard times. Knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing helps you weather those hard times.

Take a moment and write down your WHY. Feel free to share in the comment section below. I would love to know. Mine is freedom – in every sense of the word. And… be sure to post your WHY where you can see it every day to remind you why you are on this journey.

#3 – How Much Can You Invest?

How much money do you have to invest in your new business? Because let’s be honest, it’s hard to set up a business for free. There is an investment of either time or money or both. It’s all about working with what you’ve got.

This business is your future right? It’s your dream. If you’re currently working, my best advice is to set aside money to invest in equipment or training. How much money can you put away each paycheck towards your dream?

Even if you’re not working, there are other things you can give up, like eating out or your morning Starbucks. Take that money and invest it in yourself—because you are your business. Please take a moment to figure out what works for you. Something is better than nothing. We’ll talk more about what to invest in in the next blog post.

#4 – What’s Your Schedule?

How much time can you invest in getting your business off the ground? What does your current schedule look like? I know it can be challenging to find the extra time when you’re working and trying to build your business on the side.

I’ve been there, done that, and I have the tee-shirt to prove it. I had a full-time corporate career and an infant at home when I started my Virtual Assistant business over 10 years ago. I remember how difficult it was to figure out how to juggle it all and stay sane!

Can you get up two hours early in the morning to work on your business? What about setting aside two hours later in the evening? I gave up watching TV at night. Instead, I used that time to work on my business. How about working during lunch?

The most important thing is to find the time. The question is, where can you find even one hour a day to work on your business? Every little bit makes a big difference.

#5 – How Much Do You Need To Earn?

This is a BIG one—and… another step that many people neglect to do. I know I did (neglect this step). I was so focused on getting out of my job that I estimated what I thought I needed to earn in my new business instead of actually doing the math. Boy, was I wrong—I WAY underpriced myself.

You need to know how much you need to earn. This number is your baseline number – the amount you must earn in order to keep the lights on. But also make sure to make a note of how much you want to earn. Both of these numbers are important. If this is something you want to know more about, please read The Ultimate VA Success Guide: How To Calculate Your Virtual Assistant Rates + Create Packages.

#6 – What Services Do You Want To Offer?

Do you know what services you want to offer in your Virtual Assistant business? What skills do you have today that you can offer? It’s time to start thinking about what services you’d like to offer.

Like all other industries, the VA industry has specific skill sets that are in high demand. Anything related to digital marketing is hot. What do I mean by digital marketing”? Well… any of the dozens of techie tools clients use to run their business. Such as:

  • WordPress
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Ads (Facebook, YouTube)
  • Social Media Marketing.

It really pays to specialize when it comes to being a Virtual Assistant. Specializing makes it easier to sell your expertise instead of your time. You can package up your expertise into service packages. It makes marketing and sales so much easier!

I recommend that all Virtual Assistants learn WordPress and Convert Kit. They are two in-demand skills that clients are always asking for. However, the most important thing is to only offer what you love to do. Take a look at your skills right now—I bet you have something you can offer.

  • Customer service
  • Project management
  • Event planning
  • Inbox or calendar management

All of these skills are needed and can get you started as a Virtual Assistant. Take a few minutes to list out the skills you have and anything that you’d like to learn more about. Read my post, The Ultimate VA Success Guide: The Virtual Assistant Skills You Need That Nobody Talks About to get an even better understanding of which skills will help you be successful.

Oh… and one more thing. Think about whether or not you want to be tied to your computer for certain hours every day. I know I didn’t that is why I chose to offer systems and techie skills so I could have the freedom to do the task on my own schedule and not be stuck in my office all day long like a JOB. Realize that admin-type services require you to be “available” during business hours — where back-end services (systems and tech) don’t.

#7 – Who’s Your Target or Niche Market?

This is where you’re going to target your marketing efforts. Not everyone is your customer – you have to focus your attention on a specific market. Now I know many people think that targeting their marketing means they’ll have less business. Or… that they’ll have to turn away business away that is not in their market. Neither of these is true. In fact, what you focus on expands. You end up with more clients when you focus than when you don’t.

It’s easier to get clients too because you know who to get in front of to share your expertise. Take a moment and answer these questions:

  • What industries are you passionate about?
  • What do you love to do?
  • Who do you want to help?

These questions will help you to figure out who you want to work with. Remember, it’s your business, your choice. You get to choose everything including who you work with. If you need help with niching down watch my masterclass on creating a steady stream of your dream clients.

Click here + watch the Free Getting Clients Masterclass

#8 – How Does Your Perfect Day Look Like?

This one might seem a bit strange, but I’d love you to just go with it. I want you to design your perfect day, your perfect business.

  • What does it look like to you?
  • How many hours do you work? (4 hours a day, 3 days a week, etc.)
  • Where do you work? (RV, park, cabin, home, etc.)
  • What is your perfect business? (living where you want, working when you want, etc.)

Do this exercise like money is NO object. Really take some time to imagine what your perfect day would be. And what would your perfect business allow you to do?

My perfect day is a mix of creative and client work plus time for my family and all my hobbies. My perfect business allows me to give back to others and to make a difference. Oh, and I don’t work on Fridays! What’s yours?

#9 – What Do You Need?

What do you need to set up your virtual assistant business? Well, since a business is a system, you need to set up your systems first. Your systems are the foundation of your business. Too many people skip this step.

Shaky systems = shaky business.

Do you really want a shaky business? You should always implement your business systems BEFORE working with clients. Don’t fall for the scam; get a client, then figure it out! That’s not a great way to start a relationship.

#10 – Do You Have an Exit Plan?

Having a clear exit strategy is an absolute game-changer for those in the hustle of managing a full or part-time job while building your business. It’s not just about starting a business; it’s about strategically planning your journey. And let’s not forget the sanity check – crafting a smart plan on how you’ll build your business without burning out is non-negotiable. It’s all about finding that balance for sustainable progress.

Whew… you made it to the end! Now, it’s time for action. Feel free to post below and let me know what action you’re taking today to complete your VA business plan. I’d love to hear from you. All comments and questions are welcome.

Thanks for reading – Susan

PS: Ready to embark on the journey of building a freedom-based business? Join me in Techie Biz in a Box, your comprehensive guide to leveraging systems, automation, and tech. Discover how to streamline your processes and reclaim precious time for the things you love. 

Susan Mershon
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  1. Joan

    Going through the action plan has given me a better insight on how to get my business up and running. The most engaging information for Virtual Assistant. Most websites would have you thinking you can do this overnight, but you’re still left feeling like something is missing. Looking forward to more posts. Thanks!

    • Susan Mershon

      Thank you Joan!

  2. Marika

    Hi – your tip for working out your typical day was really insightful for me! What a realisation. I chose being a VA as a career to fit around my family life, and now i have seen how a typical day could appear on paper. This task has opened my eyes as to realistic hours I am “free” to spend working; and therefore how many clients I can ultimately take on. Thank you

    • Susan Mershon

      You’re welcome Marika, so glad it was helpful. Keep me posted on your progress.

  3. Antonette

    These first two posts have been so incredibly helpful! I have been in the midst of that “analysis paralysis” you spoke of in the last post and this is really motivating me to get going already! Can’t wait for the next post. Thanks!

    • Susan Mershon

      Hi Antonette, thank you. I’m working on getting the next one posted later today. Keep me posted on your journey ;-)

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