I’ve noticed a lot of new Virtual Assistant Certification training programs on the market lately and just wanted to point something out that you may not be aware of.

The Virtual Assistant Industry is
not a standardized industry.

It does not have a committee or governing body that has certified specific standards that Virtual Assistants must meet to be considered certified.

There are no true “Virtual Assistant Certification”.

There is NO Industry Approved Accreditation.

It’s not like the Project Management or IT Industries where there are governing bodies and true certification programs.

Now, I know there are a few organizations that offer certifications, just be aware of what they mean by certified.

Ask questions like “What do you need to do to obtain the certification and what do you get from it?

There’s a big difference between completion and certification.

Do your research before investing in any programs.

Find out how long they’ve been in the industry, how long they’ve been in business and if they’re selling their own stuff or if they bought it from someone else (PLR) and are just putting their name on it.

Ask around about their programs or ask for testimonials.

Do they have a refund policy? If so, what is it?

Bottom line is you don’t need to be certified to be a successful Virtual Assistant and be sure you understand what you’re getting for your investment of both time and money.

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susan mershon



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