Tailored Support for Your Business Success

Clarity, Insight, and Confidence

Ready to turn your ideas into impactful actions? A strategy session can provide the clarity and guidance you need. Book yours today!

  • Are you struggling to get your business off the ground?
  • Maybe you are trying to scale your business so you can work less and earn more.
  • Or, you’re getting tripped up on the technology + systems needed to take your business to the next level.
  • If you’re facing challenges that could use a strategic deep dive into your business or some one-on-one time to brainstorm creative solutions, a strategy session is the right opportunity for you.

Strategy Session Breakdown

The 90-minute strategy sessions are designed to provide focused and personalized support tailored to your specific needs. During these sessions, we dive deep into your business goals and challenges, allowing you to gain clarity, insights, and actionable strategies. The sessions are unstructured, meaning we can address whatever is most important to you at the time.

To ensure optimal results, create a list of priorities you would like to accomplish and send it to me at least 48 hours before the session. Together, we will pave the way for your business success and achieve remarkable growth.

If you need assistance structuring your time for the session, I am more than happy to schedule a 10-minute call to help you make the most of our time together.

The session includes:

  • 90-Minute Zoom Session.
  • Recording of our session together and a list of action items based on your needs.
  • We assign deadline dates to the action items for accountability.
  • Follow-up email within one week of the session to check in, answer any questions, and ensure you’ve accomplished your action items.
  • Seven days of email support

What Strategy Session Can Help You With

  • Getting unstuck
  • Starting or growing your business
  • Getting more clients
  • Finding clarity
  • Creating a roadmap + action plan
  • Brainstorming the right solution
  • Getting 1:1 practical guidance
  • Fast-tracking your business
  • And so much more…

    The Benefits of Investing

    • Individualized Attention: Each session is completely tailored to your unique challenges and goals, allowing for focused and personalized guidance.
    • Expert Insights: With a proven track record of building and growing two 6-figure businesses in the VA industry over the past 14 years, I possess a deep well of knowledge in strategy development, problem-solving, and implementation. Through years of experience, I have acquired invaluable insights into what works and what doesn’t. This positions me perfectly to provide expert guidance, supporting your journey to success and helping you avoid common pitfalls.
    • Actionable Plan: Prepare to leave our session with a tangible and actionable plan outlining specific steps and powerful strategies to drive you toward success. Together, we will tackle the obstacles holding you back, allowing you to make significant progress toward your goals.
    • Results-Oriented Approach: Get ready to acquire invaluable insights and a fresh perspective that will ignite your progress, propelling you confidently towards your goals. This session will equip you with the tools and mindset to navigate your journey with clarity and conviction.

    Investment For The Strategy Session

    • $297

    Next Steps

    Strategy sessions are by application only. Please take a few moments to fill out the application by clicking the yellow button in the left sidebar.

    I only offer a few spots each month, and they tend to fill up quickly, so be sure to submit your application at your earliest convenience.

    I look forward to helping you get where you want to go!

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    ✅ Break Through Barriers: Tackle issues holding you back.

    🔥 Efficiency Meets Results: I provide laser-focused support to help you gain clarity, build momentum, and succeed in your VA business. Whether it’s client acquisition, time management, or refining your services, my sessions are tailored for maximum impact.

    Don’t let obstacles hinder your growth. Experience the power of my efficient and results-oriented coaching. Take the first step towards business success today! Book your session for only $97 and embrace a brighter future for your business.

    "Susan Took Something I Had Been Struggling With For Years And Turned My Struggles Into Nicely Wrapped Packages"

    Susan took something I had been struggling with for YEARS and turned my struggles into nicely wrapped packages. Packages have always been a challenge, what’s included, what to charge, and how to move a client from inquiry to booked without devaluing myself, my time, knowledge, passion, or smarts. I am so grateful for Susan and can’t wait to see how these changes will positively affect my life and the success of my business.

    Jessica Scotten – Pineapple Relations

    "I Can Tell She Really Cares! Highly Recommend Anyone To Reach Out To Her"

    I had been following Susan on Facebook for some time. I could tell she knew her stuff! I contemplated paying out for a call because I am new and money is a budget issue – BUT I decided to invest and I am so glad I did. Not only did she give me some great insight into how to package my services, but a good talk about confidence which helped me. I think we all need someone to boost our inner confidence occasionally and she certainly helped me. I even got an email from her asking how things were going. I can tell she really cares! Highly recommend anyone to reach out to her!

    Amie Sanok – Amie Assist

    "It Has Helped Me Organize My Business Better And I Have Been Happier Since"

    I reconnected with Susan after taking a free course she offered about getting more clients. However, my takeaway from that course was SO much more. I rebranded my business and decided a 1 Hour Quick Success Session would be beneficial; I was right! Susan explained something simple to me that I hadn’t realized before… if you don’t like it, don’t do it! Do what you like! I have since focused ONLY on offering clients the skills and tasks that I enjoy doing. I would recommend taking Susan’s free courses to get a sample of what she can offer and definitely consider doing a personal training session. It has seriously helped me organize my business better and I have been happier since. Thanks, Susan!

    Corey Ayon

    The Techie Mentor

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