Virtual Assistant Package Names: 3 Tips To Make The Process Simple + Keep You Unstuck!

Finding the right Virtual Assistant package names for your business and services doesn’t have to be hard. Depending on the type of person you are you can either get creative or simply name them what they are. It’s up to you…do what comes naturally to you.

Quick Reminder On What A Package Is (Not)

Remember, these are my definitions so if you follow others, they may have different ones.

  • Packages are not a bundle of hours or what you use to sell your time. Those are Virtual Assistant retainer plans.
  • Packages are based on a specific expertise such as WordPress or Copywriting. You’re selling your expertise NOT your time.

Packages are the way to go especially since:

  • You’ll eventually run out of time to sell.
  • People pay less for time and more for expertise.
  • You can create multiple revenue streams.

Package Names: What To Consider

Naming your service packages doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be a simple process. The key is to have some fun with it! You can use your creativity to name your packages or just name them what they are. I’m more of a tell-me-what-it-is-person, so my package names were what they were getting.

My Virtual Assistant Package Names Examples

  • My 1-Page WordPress website was called a 1-Page WordPress website.
  • My 5-Page WordPress website was called my 5-Page WordPress Professional website.

Do what feels right to you. And the beauty is you can always change it!

Why A Package Description Is Important

Just make sure it’s clear what they’re buying. That’s why I recommend adding a description to all your packages telling them who the package is specifically for and what it includes. It takes the guesswork out for your prospects. Keep the description simple by including:

  • Who the package is for
  • Why do they need it

Adding The Package Pricing: Yes Or No?

One other question I am constantly asked is whether or not to include your package pricing. That is really up to you. I started by leaving them off because I wanted to talk to anyone who wanted to talk to me so I could gain experience and confidence in my Discovery Session process. I did that for a couple of months then I added “prices starting at X” instead of the exact amount for each package.

You do you. Try out one way and if it doesn’t work change it. That’s the beauty of having your own business. In case you’re looking for more information about pricing, rates, and packaging please have a look at my Ultimate VA Success Guide: How To Calculate Your VA Rates + Create Packages.

How did you name your packages? I’d love to know! All comments and questions are welcome.

Thanks for listening and reading – Susan

P.S. Ready to be paid for your expertise, not your time? Transform your business with the Lucrative Packages Playbook—experience increased income, time freedom, and a scalable model. Get paid for your expertise, not your time, and enjoy an easier, more effective approach to marketing and selling.

Susan Mershon
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