Why Becoming A Virtual Assistant Specialist Will Make You The Go-To Pro + Increase Your Income

In this changing VA industry, it’s much more likely that clients are looking for a Virtual Assistant Specialist rather than a generalist. And I hope that this blog post will provide you with the tools and motivation to make the switch from being an admin or generalist to becoming the specialist you’ve always been. 

What’s A VA Generalist?

Well to me, a generalist is someone who does a lot of different things well but is not great at anything. Now, that may sound harsh, but it’s the perception many people have, including potential clients.

When you offer everything under the sun and the kitchen sink it’s hard to understand what you’re really good at. People look at your website or LinkedIn profile and are confused. They don’t know what you do because of the number of different skills or services listed.

I know when I first started my VA business more than 10 years ago, I offered absolutely everything I was capable of doing because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. I didn’t fully grasp that I got to choose what I wanted to offer. That I didn’t have to offer services I didn’t like or want to.

What’s A Virtual Assistant Specialist?

I remember I had potential clients ask me what I was really good at and I couldn’t quite understand why they were asking. That was until I had one that said they wanted a “WordPress Specialist” and not someone who dabbled in it from time to time.

The thing is I really was a WordPress Specialist, I just wasn’t presenting myself that way to the world. To this person, I was a generalist because of the sheer number of services I offered.

Needless to say, that conversation was an eye-opener for me. I went back to the drawing board and removed ALL the services I didn’t enjoy or was just “dabbling” in. I dwindled my list down to only 4 services. The ones that I was great at and loved doing. Those 4 services were:

  • WordPress
  • Infusionsoft
  • 1ShoppingCart
  • Project Management

You don’t have to specialize in just one thing – you can specialize in as many as want. Just as long as it’s clear you’re a Virtual Assistant Specialist.

If you’re offering a ton of admin services, such as:

  • Data entry
  • Research
  • Inbox Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Customer Service
  • Resume Writing

Then you’re considered a “generalist”. Right or wrong, that is the perception. Now, if you were to specialize in one or two of the above-listed services, you would be a specialist.

If you’re looking to build a long-term successful business, you need to specialize—it’s simple as that. You can choose what you specialize in, as I did.

Benefits From Becoming A Virtual Assistant Specialist

There are several, including:

  • Earning more money.
  • Multiple revenue streams.
  • Being the go-to person in your market.

#1 – Earning More Money

Virtual Assistant Specialists make more money than generalists or assistants. People believe—right or wrong—that generalists or assistants are paid less than specialists or consultants. It’s all in their perception.

#2 – Multiple Revenue Streams

This is my absolute favorite benefit! Let me explain what I mean. Let’s say you’re a WordPress Specialist (I was and still am). You can take your WordPress expertise and offer it in various ways to create multiple offerings.

Here are the different WordPress services I offered in my VA business:

  • Website Design
  • Website Audits
  • Monthly Management
  • Migrations

For website design packages I offered a one-page website, a fully professional website, a membership site, and an e-commerce site.  Four different website design packages – four different revenue streams.

I took one skill set (WordPress) and divided it into multiple ways to appeal to multiple different customers and create multiple revenue streams. With my WordPress knowledge, I’m able to demand a higher rate, create multiple revenue streams, and set myself up for recurring revenue!

Woot! I love that! So, what expertise can you specialize in to create multiple revenue streams in your business? I’d love to know – please comment and share!

#3 – Being The Go-To Person In Your Market

For example, one of your client’s colleagues could say “I need a WordPress website.” And, your client will say “Oh, you’ve got to go see Susan. She built my website, and it’s great. She even manages it for me.” You got a referral from a client just like that!

This also works if you consistently share value with your market. Join Facebook or LinkedIn groups full of your dream clients and answer their questions. Share your expertise.

People will remember how you helped them and reach out when they need your help. How exciting is that! You start attracting clients instead of chasing after them.

#4 – Bonus Benefit: Freedom + Flexibility

You gain the freedom and flexibility you wanted when you left your soul-sucking job. You’re no longer tied to your computer during so-called business hours.

Being a Virtual Assistant Specialist lets you work when and where you want! The bottom line is you need to specialize if you want to earn more $$ and attract your dream clients.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant Specialist

Keep it simple, and trust me, things will start to shift in your business. Once you have clarity, everything seems to fall into place.

  • Decide what you want to specialize in.
  • Is it something you already know?
  • Maybe it’s something you want to learn.
  • Make a decision and start letting the world know you’re a specialist.
  • Remove all the things you don’t enjoy or don’t want to do from your service offering.

Also, don’t miss my free ebook all about the Top 10 Skills Clients Want – it will go into more detail about the skills and services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant Specialist!

Click here + download the Free Top 10 Skills To Have Ebook

Specialization is the way to go to earn more $$ and attract clients. What are you waiting for? Feel free to post below and let me know what action you’re taking today to become a specialist.

Thanks for reading – Susan

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Susan Mershon
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  1. Liliana Davis

    Thank you for this Wake up call. I left my job of 10 years 8-5 office job. Needing to go back to work I can’t even fathom the idea of that rigidity. I signed up for an admin type work online. Then I saw how many others were already doing this. I’m thinking, I need to somehow stand out and figure out a way to make a living doing this. Now mid 50’s I can’t picture working in an office so I’m determined to learn any of these back end skills you mention in your article. I came across your article and was inspired to do this. No matter how long it takes. If you can offer any advice as I am someone who always takes the long way and will probably end up taking unnecessary training, classes I don’t need. In any case, thank you so much for this beautifully written article as it truly motivated me today. And by motivated, I mean kicked me in the aise!
    Thank you!

    • Susan Mershon

      Hey Liliana, thank you for taking the time to comment and for sharing your “aha’s”. I’m glad it was helpful!

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