Are You A Virtual Trapeze Artist Or A VA? For Your Clients’ Sake, I Hope It’s The Latter!

Virtual trapeze artist..what? I’m sure you’re wondering how I’ve come up with this one. So here’s the story: There are certain things I feel you must have in place BEFORE you take on a real client (not family or friends). These are the things that show that you are a professional and not someone flying by the seat of their pants after they get a client (aka a virtual trapeze artist).

How To Be A Pro And Not A Virtual Trapeze Artist

  • Know your baseline rate.
  • Know what services you’re offering.
  • Know how you’re selling your services (package, retainer, etc).
  • Know how you get paid.
  • And more.

I’ve seen so many people on social media asking these basic business questions and it got me thinking: What are they thinking? It comes down to this, do you want to be seen as a professional and attract professional clients that pay premium rates? If so, then invest the time to set up your business systems first.

What about you? Do you feel like a Virtual Trapeze Artist or are you a VA? Please take a moment to leave a comment and share your thoughts or check out My Ultimate VA Success Guide: How To Start A Virtual Assistant Business if you want to learn more about starting a business.

Enjoy your day – Susan

P.S. Do you dream of a business that grants you the freedom to do what you love? Explore Techie Biz in a Box, where I guide you in leveraging systems and tech to automate your way to lasting success and freedom.

Susan Mershon
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My Most Popular VA Resources

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